Thursday, September 6, 2012


OKAY....yesterday was a crazy busy day and then I WHACKED my toe!!!

A little background story on my toe nail....YES folks I am going to devote this whole post to my toenail. So a few years ago my toe nail started getting little spots right in the middle of the nail, first they were light in color then started to get darker. I thought it was  from running and my toe jamming up against my shoe. Over the years it slowly started to get worse, so I finally went to the doctor and he said there isn't anything to do for it and just be lucky I can paint my toenails.....GEE thanks doc. That was a long time ago.
Fast forward a couple years after that when I was pregnant with Cameron and now the toe nail looks even worse but still looks like a regular toenail with nasty spots on it. It slowly started getting thick and nasty looking. Fast forward a couple years after that and I whacked it on Easton's crib pulling the nail back a little....OUCH!!!!! Okay so now it looks even worse and hurts even more then it did before.

So now today it doesn't grow, it's thick, and looks deformed. I keep it painted at all times and you really can't tell there is anything wrong with it until you look up close.
So yesterday the kids were on my last nerve, not listening and being wild. Well Cameron decided to move his bed and take the mattress off and use it as a slide. After telling him numerous times to move it back I got all pissed and storm in there and push the bed back whacking my freaking toe on the corner of the bed and pulling my toenail up....a few choice words were said and I could feel the throbbing immediately. I shed a few tears because it hurt like a B&*%H!!!! And then Easton started crying because I was upset {that was actually kinda cute}.

All in the middle of this going on I have a cake in the oven {it was a special cake so I really had to watch it so it didn't burn} and Bentley needed feeding. You see we were going to my MIL house for dinner to celebrate my SIL's birthday:)
I text Ryan to let him know I just whacked my toe and my nail is barely connected. Ryan calls and is like you need to call the doctor to get in today, so I did. Well the doctor wasn't much help. I did figure out that I have a toenail fungus and that's probably why it wasn't growing. He said there is really much he could do. He said to just "baby" it. He also said it might just fall off {which I hope it does} or if it's really bothering me he could just remove it but then it probably won't grow back.

I cannot live the rest of my life with this GHETTO ASS toenail!!!! So now I have a band aid on it. It's still oozing out crap and now my foot is starting to hurt from walking all funny.

Of course this has to happen now that I have finally made it back to the gym and starting losing some of that baby weight. How in the hell am I going to put on a tennis shoe right now?!  I think I might try and go next week sometime and ride the bike {i hope i will be able to do that}. Ok I hope I didnt gross anyone out here.

I couldn't post a picture of my nasty toenail so here is a picture of Bentley with cousin Landon last night at Grandma's house.


  1. Girl go to a foot doctor and have that toenail looked at. It sounds like you might have a slight infection.......I was hoping for a pic of the toe but I will take a pic of the cuties instead.

  2. omygosh, jessica, sorry to hear about your toe!! you had me cracking up at so many different parts. i hope that the dr can help you some more and that if it does fall off it doesn't cause you more pain!!
    you are too funny!
    and that picture is too cute!
    have a wonderful weekend and drink some wine :)

  3. Wow, sorry to hear about your toe. Go and get is checked out, I mean if it were your eye, ear, or a finger your would right? Appreciate the cute baby pics over the toe, thanks


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