Friday, December 21, 2012

This and That.

Lots of crap going on lately. I am seriously the world's worst blogger. I have a few post that are unfinished and a few that still need to be posted. One of the post would be the boys' birthday party we had at the beginning of the month:)) Anyway........

I have been so stressed lately between birthdays and Christmas that I just cannot wait for this month to be over and the new year to start.

Bentley is still not sleeping well and seems to be getting worst.

Ryan and I finally get a night away from the kids....all 3....but he has to work tomorrow so we are just going out to dinner {better than nothing....right?}

Today I am taking Cameron and Easton to Cameron's pre-school Christmas party.....that should be interesting. Oh and I hope a candle is a good enough gift for his teacher. Then I thought about all the helpers....whoops...really do you buy everyone a gift?! I don't even know all their names.

I miss all my bloggy friends. I need to do some serious catching up.

We saw Santa and had Bentley's infant pictures taken the other day and both went well. We got a couple good pictures of all three.

I still need to make Christmas cookies and wrap every single present.

Our $50 Christmas tree starting to die like after the second day of having it.....hopefully it won't look too pathetic on Christmas morning.

Oh and I totally getting into much fun and exciting to see how much you can save. I will for sure be posting about that sometime.

Okay folks thats all I have time for now. I have to get all 3kiddos ready to leave the house in an hour for the party.

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  1. I hope you and Ryan have a fabulous dinner date!! Drink lots of wine! ;) enjoy the Christmas party today!! Hope things slow down for you soon and Bentley sleeps better. Thanks so much for your sweet email the other day! Have a very Merry Christmas!! Sending love your way!


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