Saturday, January 19, 2013

This and that

Well here's another this and that post if what's been going on here lately. Nothing too exciting just staying busy and wishing I had better time management skills.

*** It has seriously been so freaking cold here lately. Like for a month it seems like. We are used to mid 60's and mid 50's in the winter here but it had been down right freezing. I hate going in the garage to do laundry and the poor kids have been stuck inside. When they do go outside and play after a couple hours they are ready to come in. Well also because Easton always finds a way to find some water and get wet then wants new clothes and that's when I say time to come in and also everything is so wet they get all flipping muddy. Mud stuck to shoes all over the patio....a muddy mess!!!!

*** I just turned in Cameron's open enrollment form......SHUT THE FREAKING FRONT DOOR!!!! Kindergarten already?! Cannot believe that! Really hoping he gets in the school we want him to go....fingers crossed.

*** So two weekends I discovered I have a few kidney stones. Yes so freaking awesome. I started having some back pain and it kinda wrapped around my hip and lower abdominal area, it hurt so effing bad. I thought I just pulled something lifting Bentley but the pain started getting super bad then I started feeling ill and nauseous so I thought I was coning down with something. I got to the point where I thought I might pass out and start puking so I asked my MIL to come over. Once she was here she made me call the doctor cause she said I didn't look good at all. So I called and they told me to go to the ER. And then the pain just stopped and I felt 80% better but she still made me go. They did a scan and discovered I have kidney stones. So last Friday I had a doctors appointment and I had some blood work done and had to collect my pee for 24 hours (this was just the other day and haven't heard from the doctor yet). 
At least now I have some pain meds when I start to pass another one;))

*** I am totally obsessed with couponing!!! I love it!!! It's like an addiction!!! My SIL and I have totally lost it. Our family thinks we are nutty. We talk coupons and  store deals all day long. It's so much fun!!! I have tried setting a budget but this months budget totally went to hell. Last month I set a budget of $300 and probably spent about $ not too bad for just starting. 

*** High school baseball has started already and I am already over it. I usually don't mind and look forward to it but this year I am just over it. Probably because Ryan helped out with fall ball a few months ago and that lasted for like 6 weeks or so. It's never ending. And he's gone so much more. He does say that this is his last year with kiddos getting older and Cameron starting t-ball this year. I think once the season actually starts and they are playing games and the boys get to go out there and run around it will be all good. 

*** Speaking of I am going to sign sign Cameron up! 

*** Tonight we are going to Monster Jam with some friends. The boys are so freaking excited. There is a new truck making their debut tonight.....Scooby Doo:)) Although I am hoping the boys aren't feeling too bad.  Everyone has been sick lately. I am just getting over a little cold, Bentley is finally over his, and now Easton is coughing and so congested. My mom, grandma, SIL, MIL, and FIL all have been sick. The boys are still sleeping so fingers crossed the wake up and aren't too bad because there is no way they will want to miss Monster jam.

*** Oh and I am totally freaking out...I have a dental appointment on Wednesday and have to have a tooth pulled. I have cancelled this appointment several times (the dental office probably thinks I am nuts) so I really can't cancel anymore and just need to get it done. Ryan was going to go with me but because of the holiday next week he is off Tuesday instead of his regular day off Wednesday, so I have to go by myself:( Has anyone ever had a tooth pulled? I am freaking the F$#@ out over here!!!!

Hope Everyone has a fabulous weekend. 

Sorry for any typos.....If I don't post this now it may never get posted...LOL.


  1. Wowza! Glad you are feeling better, that's some crazy stuff. I've never had kidney stones but I've heard from several people who have had them how painful it is. Sounds like you are busy as usual!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the kidney stones...I have heard about how incredibly painful there are. Ouch...glad you got some good meds! :)
    I hope you had fun @ Monster Jam with the boys!! And lots of luck @ the dentist!! I hope it is as painless as possible! Xoxox

  3. I am so sorry to hear that I head the "stones" are super bitch pain. Take those meds girl. I know how crazy cold has it been I mean compared to -11 we have it pretty good but we California peeps are not used to it. I hope you get better....


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