Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 months.

Okay I just found this unfinished unpublished post....its a little late:)) this was typed up on Dec.23

Every time I do one of these post I seriously cannot believe Bentley is a month older. He is growing so fast and doing new stuff all the time. He is sitting up now all on his own and he is also pulling himself up on his knees to play with his toys. It's only a matter of time until he will be standing.
He is all over the house these days, even more so now. Before he would just hang out with me in the kitchen and roam around, well now he's gotta be where all the action is and always wants to see what his brothers are doing. I had to move the crib mattress down already and I am thinking I should have just moved it down all the way.
Oh and How could I forget......A couple weeks ago his bottom teeth finally started to break through! He's got the bottom two coming in. I am really hoping after those come he starts sleeping a little better. Even during nap time he has been a pain in the butt. He is still taking some of his naps in the swing. Both Cameron and Easton hated the swing, so its nice to finally really get to use it. I feel like we are finally getting our monies worth out of it:))

Last week we finally had his infant pictures taken. And we were lucky to get a picture of all three. 

Seriously love these boys so much!!!!


  1. Omygoodness, Jessica, Bentley is so so cute!! All of your boys are so handsome! The girls are gonna be knockin' your door down in ten+ years!
    ;) Hope you're doing well! Xoxox

  2. Those pictures are absolutely adorable! Grandma and Marc sure hope to get copies.

  3. I love them. What a great family.


  4. thanks so much for your sweet words, jessica! i hope you, ryan and your beautiful boys are doing well...lots of love xoxox


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