Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Another week has come and gone. Seems to be how it is lately. The weeks just fly by and before we know it another month has passed. This week was much like last week. Nothing too exciting going on which is perfect for right now. A couple weeks to unwind is always nice.

Ryan has been wanting to take the boys to see Iron Man 3 so he took them one day after work this week and he says he will never take them again anytime soon.  First of all he took them by himself and second Easton is just out of diapers.  And next time I will be there with them to take them to the bathroom. And we probably won't take them to go see a movie he wants to see. He said they went pee about 10 times and Easton went poop I was laughing so hard when reading his text. 

It was weird to only have one child home with me. That doesn't happen very often AT ALL, like RARELY!!! 

  Today I finally went and exchanged our modem thingy and I think it's all hooked up correctly and now we should have no issues and it should be back to super lightening fast because apparently we have the fastest Internet they offer, so we shall see. 

Yesterday Bentley was in the worse mood EVER! Cranky pants all friggin day. I think it must have been his molars bugging him or he's starting to get sick or something. It was bad. 

Plus he decided it was going to be a no nap day. So when that happens this happens...............

I think Cynthia and I have come to the conclusion that I might be making the guest book for her wedding. I just hope she likes whatever I make and if not she can always just use it for a little scrapbook of the wedding. But it's going to be challenging because I need to make sure there's enough room for everyone to sign and possible write a little note to Mr. & Mrs. should be interesting. I am excited because I already have ideas running around in my head and visions of what it will look. I need to start getting my supplies so I am not rushing around last minute trying to finish it....just a little over 2 months left now until the big day.

On Sunday we had Cameron's baseball party at the park. That was interesting. And of course he  did not walk up and get his trophy. He thinks he's shy or something but he won't go up in front of people when he knows they are looking at them. He did the same thing at preschool graduation {a post on that is coming sometime}.

And maybe just maybe you will be hearing from me for 30 days straight......I've been giving it a lot of thought, it's really going to be a challenge. Only other bloggers will understand how hard it is and how much time it takes, especially if you have a post with lots of pictures and links. I am terrible at the whole thing. Takes me forever to figure anything out and now pictures from way back when are not showing up and that pisses me the EFF off because I have no clue how to fix it. I will let you know when the 30 days is starting....

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