Thursday, June 6, 2013

This and That.

WOW...its been very busy around here the past couple of months or so, lots of things going on and so much to tell you about.

*** Cameron had preschool graduation last Friday:( More to come on that.

*** T-Ball has come to end for the season. Also more to come.

*** High School baseball is over and now American Legion has started. Ryan I think has officially resigned             from coaching. This summer will be his last year until I think he starts coaching the boys.

*** My children drive me nuts on a daily basis but I love them to pieces.

*** So glad last week is finally over and in the past.

***I wish I knew how to work blogger so I could fix my blog. Old pictures are not showing up and its pissing me off, even more so because I don't know why or how to fix the damn thing.

*** Trying to convince myself to a challenge....30 days of blogging...eeeekkkkk, not sure I can do that. Got the idea from my friend Michelle at So Wonderful, So Marvelous.  And please go check out her post........Such a great read!!!


*** I just picked the house up this morning and by noon its already a freaking diaster. Nothing new....happens every day.

*** I think Easton is done with the diapers!!!! Whooohoooo! He's been doing so good and hasn't had a diaper on in weeks.

*** So tired of saying the word NO and most days I think my head is going to explode from the kids not listening........

*** I am hoping sometime soon to start blogging about my couponing experiences. I want to share with you all how addicting it can be and how much money you can SAVE. And how embarrassing I have even been on a local morning show twice. I got an awesome birthday present from my BIL and SIL last month to help me with me coupons....more on that as well:)

*** I joined Stampin' Up! and now I can attempt to earn a little extra cash and get back into scrapbooking. Maybe finish Cameron's first year by the time he is 6 and maybe start on Easton and Bentley's first year sometime in the near future.....of course more to come on this as well.

DANG....looks like I have lots of "more to come".....Well I have been on this little ole post all day here and there. We will see what happens tomorrow. Maybe a surprise and 2 days of posting!!


  1. welcome back....yah on the coupon and no diapers plus hello did not know we had a celebrity in our mist

  2. congratulations to Easton on no more diapers!! i'm looking forward to reading about your couponing! I really want to start! xoxox


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