Thursday, July 31, 2014

State Fair Fun.

So just like every year we made it to the State Fair last week. The kids know it's during the summer and once they start seeing and hearing commercials it's on! They ask like a million times when we are going and if it's still here.
We decided to go last week when Ryan was on vacation. This was our first year not going without our good friends Jerry and Beth. We will have to pick that tradition next year. 

The kids always want to take a ride on the monorail.

As always the kids had a blast. The one thing they always look forward to is the Monster Truck ride and this year they didn't have it:( the kids however took this news fairly well and there was no screaming or crying. They still had the Motorcross riders and they were able to watch two shows so they were super happy about that. 

Getting hi-fives from the riders.

Eating some dinner...nachos and corn dogs. Bentley was asleep for dinner:)

Poor Cameron is probably never EVER gonna want to go on another ride again after Ryan made him go. 
He was not happy and terrified. After the log ride he surprisingly like it and said, "Next time I want to go on that ride first". Easton loved ALL the rides and said, "That ride was awesome!"

 Waiting in line for the log ride. 

 Some jumping fun!!!!

 This is all they wanted to do....Play games. They did each pop A balloon and won another rinky dink stuffed animal.


 Love this precious face. He LOVED the motorbikes as well.

It was like only 90 degrees {which is actually cool for fair weather} BUT it felt like 100 degrees! The kids were hot and sweaty and Cameron was constantly asking to stand in the shade.