Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday Rewind {On Sunday}.

This was all typed up Friday morning.......

Another week in the books. Another week has come and gone. Lots of the same old stuff going on around here. Today I am taking Easton and Bentley to a play place called Wacky Tacky. I used to take  Cameron and Easton here all the time. We are going to meet up with my mom friends from Cameron's class and their littles. Easton is going to be super excited once he finds out and Cameron is  going to freak out and be pissed we went without him.

I am excited we have no baseball today, tomorrow, or Sunday. It makes for some very busy nights when we don't get home until about 8. Since it takes us about 30 minute to get to the ball park once we get home from school we are not home for very long and have to turn around and leave. Even on practice nights for Cameron he gets home about 7 and that doesn't leave much time for reading or anything else. And all 3 kiddos are still trying to catch up on sleep from the time change. Hoping they sleep in this weekend....YEAH RIGHT!

Last weekend we had opening ceremonies so the boys and I were at the ballpark all from from 8am to about 6 or so. My mother-in-law stayed all day with me to give me a hand with the kids and thank goodness because trying to do some things with Bentley would have been a nightmare.
We were a little nervous about Easton's first game because last year he messed around a lot, did lots of whining, and a few tantrums. Well we were so proud of him. He did awesome and listened and was so good:) BUT yesterday was a different story. He wasn't horrible BUT he wasn't super good. He walked off the field a few times in the middle of the inning to get a drink of water because he was hot, he almost started to have a meltdown and did a little whining. He made it through the game without a huge incident....thank goodness!

 He was covered in dirt!!!

 He was so excited that Dutch Brothers is his team sponsor.....we love our Dutch Bros and the boys love their Whip Sticks:)

He was so freaking dirty! The pictures really don't do justice. 

I went on 2 field trips this week. Easton went to the park to go on a "nature hike" and Cameron's class went to the local library and the class got their own public library card and the kids got to check out their books. That was a short one and it was only about 5 minutes from the school. 

Oh and I learned that I was a "chosen one" for Cameron's overnight field trip next month. Cameron's school starts going on overnight field trips in Kindergarten. They have been doing this for over 20 years. This year in first grade they go on a 2 night 3 day trip. last year's 2 day 1 night trip was exhausting so I can only imagine this year's is going to be even more exhausting. But I am excited to go because we are going to West Minister Woods. I went there as kid with my school in I think 6th grade {i think}. 

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