Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Every week when I actually do these Friday Rewind posts it amazes me how fast the week has gone by. I say this often....once you have kids the weeks fly by, really wish I could just slow time down a little. This week was loaded with baseball and a school project. 

Ryan was an awesome Husband and took all 3 crazies to Easton's baseball practice on Sunday so I could have my card class in peace and quiet. My card class with 3 of my faithful customers BUT I also had 2 others who did take the class to go and placed orders:) Love my customers and their continued support!!!

Cards we made in card class.

Cameron completed his penguin project that I thought for sure was going to be the death of me. He got the project right before we left for vacation. They would have about 4 weeks to work on the project so he lost over a week right off the start because we were gone. Then lots of baseball practice thrown in, we didn't get a great head start on it. But Cameron was actually pretty good about sitting down and doing a little at a time. It helped that I bribed him with video games and his Kindle and whatever else he wanted to do. 

Cameron's penguin.

Speaking of video games....I forgot to mention that last week I think. We finally let the kids get an Xbox. They put all their Christmas and birthday money together to buy it. We held off for a very long time but they just love that game Minecraft. They were so sticking exciting. Easton's face lit up the moment it was all hooked up and turned on. It seriously made his week! I wish we would have video taped it. Then earlier this week they finally were playing at the same time as Cameron's buddy from his class so they were able to play with each other when you are connected and playing online. We are still learning how to work it but luckily Cameron's buddy from school is an expert:)

I had a parent/teacher conference with Cameron's teacher. These conferences this time of year are as needed only. I pretty much knew what it was going to be about. Nothing bad. Cameron has been in the reading club for a couple months now because he needs a little help with his reading. She said he is well on his way and is doing great but needs to continue to practice and work on his reading and writing. He can be such a punk at home during homework and reading time. But I have see him get so excited when he actually tries and pronounces words and he wants to keep trying {that does happen on a occasion}. 

I had a Facebook Thirty-One party earlier tonight. The host is a friend I met through Cynthia. She lives in the mid-west so a home party for her wouldn't work. These Facebook parties are getting more and more popular. At first I wasn't really sure about them because the home party is really where you get customers and build relationships but for people that live out of town they work out great. I am super excited because Thirty-One is having an awesome deal this month for hostess. All half-off items are FREE! So if you earn 2 or 3 half-off items for being a host you get those items FREE! 
If you want to check it out go here.........

Bentley trying out our new Super sized umbrella for baseball. The pop up tent we have is awesome but thinking this may be easier to cart around {especially when I am by myself on Saturdays when Ryan's working}. We will give it a try tomorrow when we are at the park all day for Opening Day. We will see if he stays under the shade or runs and scoots around like a crazy.


Cameron got the game ball from yesterday's game. He made a great play playing first even though the runner was called safe at second {of course we all know he was really OUT but for real he was out}. He was super excited about it and took it to school today and is sleeping with it again tonight. I don't think he even knew what had happened. He just fielded the ball and threw it. 

Bentley is always outside playing in the dirt and sand. Well on Wednesday we had a little rain so it made some mud in the backyard. And so the kids dug a big fat hole and now they are filling it up with water. Bentley is dumping Mattie's water from her water bowl in the hole to make mud. And today I caught him in the bathroom trying to fill up a bucket to take outside. They were muddy from head to toe and let's just say they had to get undressed outside. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!

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