Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well this week started off with Cameron getting ill on Sunday. He started running a fever Sunday morning and laid around all day sleeping and looking pathetic. By Sunday night he was looking better and even got up to eat a little bit of a salad and a Popsicle.

He woke up Monday morning and was feeling OK....BUT then we dropped off Easton at school and as I am standing there signing Easton in Cameron comes over and looks at me to tell me he just tell him to go wipe up so we can go home and change. Well he was also on the toilet seconds before we were leaving the house for school. So I decided to keep him home from school. I couldn't send him to school if he was sharting himself. He was pretty much normal all day Monday, only in the bathroom a couple times.

So Tuesday morning rolls around and he comes out of his room in the morning and stops in the hallway looks at me as I am cooking pancakes in the kitchen and says....."Mom it happened it again, I sharted, I just farted and poop came out". But Tuesday was field day at school and he wanted to go. I kept asking him if he was sure he felt ok to go to school, he said YES. So off we go.

We had to make a pit stop at the bathroom at Easton's school, then we got to Cameron's school right when the bell rang and of course he straight to the bathroom. In the meantime I am telling his teacher that he may need to use the bathroom without asking. Ryan and I have told him several times he cannot fart. If he feels a fart he just needs to go to the bathroom. So I left him at school with extra underwear in his backpack just in case.
So about 11:20 I am picking up Easton and get back into the car and have a voicemail from the school...yep I need to pick him up. Apparently he was feeling ok BUT had made a few trips to the bathroom and his butt was hurting. He actually told his teacher his butt was hurting. I felt so bad for sending him to school. He complained about his poor butt the whole way home. Then Wednesday comes around and he was pretty much back to normal but tells me when I pick him up he sharted at the end of the school day. And does he throw away the soiled poopie gross underwear like we told him...NO! He keeps them because they are Easton's Tree Rex {skylander} underwear and didn't want Easton to get mad. Sick. Gross. He brought home poopie underwear.

Then on Thursday Ryan started to feel ill. He got some help at work and was home before noon and went straight to bed. He stayed home today and will stay home tomorrow as well. He is feeling better but still not 100% so he's decided to wait until Monday to go back. And then earlier today Bentley passed out at like noon. That's way too early for him to be passing out. He was running a fever BUT then woke up a couple hours later and was normal. So I don't know WTF is going on with him. I am just hoping I don't get whatever it is and hoping my Grandma doesn't get it either. She watched Bentley like 3 days this week.....

On Wednesday I helped out at Cameron's school all freaking morning. I helped his teacher do a few things then the kids got their yearbooks. It's so cute to see all the kids looking through the yearbooks and asking all their friends to sign their name. So so cute! 

We got lots and lots of precious junk sent home this week. Like WTF am I suppose to do with it all?! I guess I will go through it and keep some and recycle the rest then throw it in a huge tote to be shoved in the garage. 

Yesterday was the last day for both Easton and Cameron. Easton had a picnic in the park and Cameron's school goes to the Aquatic Center every year on the last day. I was not able to go with Cameron because I had to take Easton and since it was his last day of Pre-school I opted to spend this special day with him. They played games, ate lunch, and got their little pre-school certificate. Cameron was excited to be going to the Aquatic center with his school buddy and then afterwards he went over to his house to play. The boys love going over there so it was a treat for all of them to go over and play with their friends. 

I finished the teacher book I had been working on for Cameron's teacher. I was happy with how it turned out. I kept it simple and tried to add a picture of every student inside. I was aiming for pictures of the teacher with each student or groups of students but that didn't happen. And I was not able to get all the kids to sign the book. I was missing a handful. 

I did not get a decent picture of Cameron or Easton on the last day of school with their signs. 

It was partly my fault because the sun was blazing right in their eyes. And Easton always has to have this funky ass face. Seriously why can't he have a normal smile. I will have to remember to go in the backyard on the first day of school. 

We have released a butterfly and transferred a chrysalis to the butterfly habitat. Now we are watching and waiting for the butterfly to emerge.

Here are the little notes the boys wrote to their teachers. Easton wrote out for each of the teachers in his class,  including the teachers that help with the special needs students. Easton really loved helping one of the little blind girls in his class. It was sweet to watch him hold her hand and guide her along and help her with things. 

Today was only Day one.....Its going to be a long 10 weeks!

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  1. so sorry to hear the boys were sick, but I couldn't stop laughing reading about the sharting!!


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