Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Rewind.

I totally missed last weeks Friday Rewind. I forgot it was Friday until about 10pm that night laying in bed and I was not about to get up and type something up. No clue how it totally slipped my mind it was Friday. I was doing a craft fair Saturday and I knew that was the next day. Who knows my whole schedule is off these days. 

When does school start?!?!?!?!? I cannot wait!!!! Seriously cannot handle anymore of Cameron's crap. About 7 more weeks of dealing with his punk ass. Pretty soon he's going to be hanging out in his room all day everyday. I love my kids to death BUT WTF is wrong with them?! I swear they are here just to see how crazy they can drive me to be. I know I cannot be the only mother who has 3 boys who act like crazies all day long. I feel like the worst mom EVER. I mean seriously who yells and screams at their kids like me?! I just don't get why they can't get along and listen and just maybe I wouldn't have to go all crazy on them. And then Cameron proceeds to talk about and argue with me about EVERYTHING!

Tonight Ryan and I are going to a comedy show so I will get a little break and then tomorrow I have another craft fair. Last weekends craft fair went okay...hoping tomorrow goes well. It is suppose to be only 94 instead of 100 like last weekend. 

My set craft fair set up.

Last week and this week we managed to make it over to a different friends house to go swimming. It's nice to get the kids out of the house and doing something other than to the grocery store. It's too hot to go anywhere to do anything. It's just plain miserable out. My mom got the kids their yearly blow up kiddie pool which keeps them busy here and there through out the day. Monday they all 3 start swim lessons so that will break up our morning a little. They will do that Monday-Thursday  for a month. 

Staying cool in the pool and having water gun fights. I know we are in a drought but the kids have to be kids and have some summer fun. They use the pool water to fill their guns and I also use it to water my garden:)

Last week we started our daily schedule to have some structure. So far it's going okay. The kids still have an issue with getting off the kindles and video game when I say time is up. And if they can't start to listen a little better it's all about to get taken away. Then all hell will break loose BUT oh well maybe they will start listening. 

Bentley is always wanting me to hang out back with him. Yesterday he wanted me to go out and eat a popsicle with him in the 100 + degree scorching heat. 

Even trying to get out of the house and go for a walk is a huge ordeal. Here's Cameron crying in the driveway while we wait for him to tie his shoes. 

Two strawberries from our garden. Hopefully we get a few more...we have a pesky blue jay that was pecking away at a couple that where just turning red. Damn bird!

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