Monday, October 6, 2014

Make it Monday.

Well this weekend was a nice once because we did not have to go anywhere. Sometimes when you are so busy and always going it's nice to just stay home. I wish I could say that I got something productive done around the house but I did not. That's a little hard with the kids here always making a mess of everything and Bentley running around like a wild child.'s Make it Monday uses the stamp set Zoo Babies from the Annual Catalog. I was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest but they had used the Freaky Friends stamp set from the Holiday Catalog. It was super super cute. I loved the layout and thought the Zoo Babies would be cute.

Here are the supplies I used to make this card:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Rewind

Okay I know this is a day late but what can I say. Lots of the same old stuff going on in our CRAZY house this week.

This week Easton went on his first field trip of the school year. I was so happy that another parent at Cameron's school stepped up and volunteered to work my classroom hours on Tuesday so I could take him. It is kinda weird having to find someone to work your "shift" in the classroom. I feel like I am high school trying to find someone to work for me so I can go to the Friday night football game...LOL. Hopefully Easton will not have another field on a Tuesday again. Easton's class went to the Fish Hatchery { I am not sure why they went now since there are no fish yet, in about another month or so it will be hoppin with all kinds of fish} but all the kids still had fun.

The worst part of the week is I started to get a little cold or something. On Saturday my throat started to feel a little funky and each day it got a little worse and on Tuesday I started to get a BIG fat headache, bodyaches, chills, and just all over yuckiness. Cameron had a game that day and the wind was horrible so of course that didn't make me feel any better. I woke up Wednesday feeling much better but still have something going on in my throat and chest and a little cough. I feel it's on it's way out now just that annoying little tickle dry cough.

This is what Cynthia recommended from whole foods. Not sure if it helped or not. Your suppose to start taking those little {not really little they are more like horse pills} stinky pills at the start of feeling yucky. The green juice wasn't bad at all. I tried 2 different green ones and both were good. 

Bentley had his 2 yr. check up {about 5 months late} this week and was super good. At first he wasn't sure when the Doctor and a Medical Student came in but he smiled and talked tot hem and was very still for them. He got a flu shot and DID NOT cry. I was so proud of the little stinker, such a tough dude. 

I seriously cannot go to the dang grocery store these days without this one being a pain in the butt. He refuses to stay in the cart and wants to "WALK". It takes me twice as long!!! And of course everyone in the store thinks he's so stinking cute.

This was at Cameron's game. Before anyone had gotten there he was playing so good in the bullpen {which is gated off} with his cards:) thank goodness because that's the day I felt like my head was going to explode. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Make it Monday

Once again another bust week over here. That's the norm around here it seems and I have a feeling that's the way it's going to be for a very long while.

I love today's Make it Monday. I am thinking about using this as one of our cards for card class this month. It's simple and cute. My favorite types of card. This card is very easy to duplicate.

Here are the items used to make this card: 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Well it's been 2 weeks since my last Friday Rewind post. Last week was kinda busy and I totally forgot about it since I was trying to finish up last minute details to get ready for the vendor fair that happened last Saturday. 

I spent last week getting ready for the vendor fair. Making up some last minute display items and shopping for some last minute items for my table. Like always it was a busy a week.
here are some pictures of my display:)

Cameron's class was suppose to go on a field trip on Wednesday to Apple Hill but a couple weeks ago a fire started in the sierra about an hour from us and right down the road from where we were going on the field so the teacher decided to postpone the field trip. The fire now has been burning for 2 weeks, the rain we got yesterday helped a lot. This fire is known as the King fire. It's burning close to an area where we go camping and close some friends home. Thankfully it has moved on and their homes are no longer threatened at this time. So the last couple weeks its been smokey on and off. Actually this morning it was pretty bad. At Cameron's school they kept the kids inside at recess an snack time in the morning hours.

Of course Cameron had a few games the last couple weeks and yesterday he receive his first hit by pitch. he took it in his side area. He took it it pretty good and wasn't afraid to keep hitting. He stayed in the batters box and ended up getting a hit. But this picture was taken right after he got hit and stepped back into the box to continue hitting.

 Ryan an Bentley chilling before Cameron's game.

The change in weather is nice but the forecast for next says 90's. I am so ready for the Fall weather. I am tired of running the air conditioner and having sweaty pits every time I go outside. The mornings are getting a bit chillier and I HATE the sun is rising later and later. It's dark until like almost 7!!!!

Two weeks ago tomorrow Ryan dropped off the Jeep to have all it's super duper beefy upgrades done. It was suppose to be done today. Today was the promise date....well that didn't happen. Ryan stopped by the shop Monday to see how things were going and they hadn't made it very far. Ryan says they still have lots to do and the shop told him he won't be done until next week. So we shall see. No clue if it will be early or late next week BUT we are anxious. I also have lots of work to do in the garage. I suppose to be cleaning it while the Jeep is gone but of course I haven't gotten very far. 

And on Sunday I broke my own holiday decoration policy. I usually do not put any Halloween stuff up until October 1......the kids love it and the garage has lots of free space to get down some totes so we put some stuff out.

We will finish up this weekend and put cobwebs on the bushes and more spooky netting and Zombie caution tape on the windows to the right of the picture. Now I have to look at all this crap for a whole stinking month.....ugh!!! Oh well the kids love it. Well kinda love it. Easton is scared of some things now, like deathly this Halloween should be interesting.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!!