Friday, December 1, 2017

December Blogging Friends Blog Hop

Hello Friends!!!! The last month of the Year....WOW!!! Who is ready for Christmas?! I know I am not!!! Not only do I have Christmas but I have two of my sons' birthdays this month, the 17th and 24th of December. Oh and on top of their birthdays we have several family members birthdays as well. A busy busy month ahead. I almost dropped out of the hop this month but as I was cooking dinner tonight I decided to open up the computer and push through all the chaos here at home. The yelling, fighting, whining, and craziness! 

 I remembered I haven't shared my swap cards I received from our team swap. So that's what I am sharing this month. Christmas swap cards!!! 

Made by: Susan Duvall-Serota

Made by: Greta Leonard

Made by: Michelle McDaniel

Made by Suzie Barnes {My Upline}

Made by: Sharon Wren 

I hope you enjoyed all these great cards and hope they bring you some inspiration this holiday season. Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing these swap cards, Jessica. Sounds like you're in for a very busy month!!

  2. What a great idea to share swap cards for this month's blog hop, Jessica! It shows off even more card ideas, plus those designers will love seeing their work on our hop! Happy December! Crystal

  3. Wow what a wonderful array of cards! I love them all!

  4. How great of you to share everyone’s cards! They will appreciate their recognition for sure.



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