Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pie Day

Years ago my BFF's mom, Vicky, started a tradition......PIE DAY. What exactly is pie day? Pie day is the day before Thanksgiving and it's spent baking pies. Over the years its become more of a social event where a few of us get together and hang out. Vicky has been doing this as long as I can remember being friends with Cynthia.

I have been looking forward to pie day for awhile now. Since Cynthia doesn't live in town anymore we rarely get a chance to hang out and she is bringing her boyfriend, it will be good to see him since he doesn't make it up with her all the time. It will be a great day just hanging out and baking. This year will be my  first year actually baking something. In the years past I always had to work, then I was 9 months pregnant with Cameron and didn't feel like baking, the year after that I had to watch Cameron and make sure he didn't destroy anything, and last year I was  9 months pregnant with Easton. But this year I am going to do it. I figure there will be enough people there to watch my little devils to make sure they don't break anything plus after having the second baby you get really good at multi-tasking.  I will post recipes and pictures later tonight or tomorrow of my master pieces, lets hope they turn out:)

This week has been busy so far and it's not slowing down any. The kids and I had to do some grocery shopping on Monday, which is always an adventure. Then yesterday my mom took the kids and I to Jon's Incredible Pizza. Most people refer to that place as a Chuck-e-Cheese on crack. It was super busy because school is out plus it was wet and cold. Of course today is pie day and then we are going out to dinner with some friends later tonight, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have to make the rounds, and then Friday is..... well black friday. Don't know if we are going out or not. I am sure we will. We have so much to buy we have to shop all the deals.

Well I have to get busy and dig up my recipes to make sure I have everything.

Happy Pie Day!

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  1. Your blog is great! Sounds like you had fun on pie day!! You forgot to mention your apron lol.


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