Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok so the little chunkers has a new obsession.

Poking and playing with his boy parts.



And this is what happens when I tell him NO!

He takes his pants off so he can rip off his diaper to play with his peepee, thingy, penis, whatever you want to call it. Yesterday he tugged at his diaper for like half the day. For everyone that has kids you know how expensive diapers are, well he pulls at them so hard he rips the sides of the diaper. It seems like he is going to be a nudest just like his big brother.

He did eventually get the diaper off. So I put a new one on him and 10 minutes later that one was off and ripped also so I had to put yet another NEW diaper on him.

The joys of having boys!

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  1. Ha, ha, this made my day:):) He is adorable, even as he is trying to be a nudist. Normal curiosity I am sure, checking out his body parts:)


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