Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dammit and Shit.

I must be the worst mom in the world. Cameron is now saying dammit and shit.

When he says its kinda hard not to smile because the way he says is so funny. It's crazy that he knows how to use it, he uses it in the right context every time. 
I am so bad. I say dammit like a million times a day. Lately I really have been trying my very hardest to stop. He is really starting to listen and repeat lots of things now, so we really have to watch what we say around him.

When the kids make a mess or Cameron hits Easton and makes him cry I burst out the "dammit". I don't say Shit nearly as much, mostly when watching baseball games. 

One day we had the Giants game on and the Giants had runners on 2nd and 3rd and the batter hit a foul ball, well Cameron thought it was a hit and the batter was out and  he starts yelling, "GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO.......OH SHIT!", exactly how I use it and say it. {I say that a lot when watching the Broncos play, the team Ryan coaches} 
I know this is all my fault. No one else to blame.  Ryan says, "Way to go, this is all you" and I am not denying it.  At least it's not the F-word. 

Happy Thursday All!!!!!!

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  1. first off.. HAHHAHAH that is great. And second it doesn't make it awful, at least they are honest about it, my 4 year old yelled DAMNIT the other day and then said he was saying Damage, as something had broken.


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