Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card.

We have been getting the photo greeting cards for Christmas for a few years now. Before we had kids we put our cute little puppy dog on it but now we usually do a family picture. Well this year it was slim pickings. We had a couple good pictures but they were taken like 6 months ago and I wanted a more current picture.

So yesterday when Ryan saw the picture I ended up choosing he was like WTF? You couldn't find a better picture?! He said....I am holding a plastic beer cup and your hair is everywhere.
I don't think it's that bad. Everyone has a good smile but me so it just goes along with the wild hair. Next year I am hoping to get a picture of the kids in front of the Christmas Tree. I tried that last year but it didn't work out so good.

So what kind of Christmas Card do you send out?


  1. Ha ha You should show him our holiday card lol. Then he will be happy that everyone is smiling! I think its a great photo, I love the pose set up!

  2. I think that one is cute! In fact, I'd crop the beer out, photoshop Santa hats on all of you, and use it again!

  3. you crack me up!!! the beer cup and hair comment-omygoodness! this is so a conversation i could see with steve! LOL
    i think it's adorable! your family is beautiful- beer cup and all! <3

  4. I think it's real and totally cute!


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