Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wacky Tacky.

A couple weekends ago we had the boys' birthday party at Wacky Tacky. Its this great jungle gym type of place for the kids. They absolutely love it there. So this year we decided to have their party there. We were super impressed the way they had things going. Everything went smooth and was very organized. They had 3 parties going at once and each party just rotated in and out of the different areas so your party was the only party in a certain area. Sometimes when we go to just play we can be there up to like 5 hours! Lots and lots to do here.

We like to have their party the first weekend of December since both their birthdays are so close to Christmas. Cameron's is the 17th and Easton's the 24th. It was so nice to have the party at a place like this because they did all the set up and clean up. It did feel kinda weird not being able to decorate and set up things but oh my was it so much easier.

Little Miss Autumn {My cousins little girl}

Easton and Dad climbing up the super duper fast slide.

This is another slide they loved.

This is the super duper fast slide. It was so fast! I didn't go down it but all the adults that went down said he was hecka fast. Easton didn't have a problem with it and in fact he loved it but poor Cameron hit his tailbone or something and started to cry a little, he got over it fairly quickly.

See.....he loved it!


 This Cameron hurting himself on the super duper fast slide.

 My Uncle Stephen with Autum { Uncle's Granddaughter} and Easton.

Everytime we come here to play this is Cameron's favorite. They have these little air gun thingys that shoot foamy balls. Then there is this thing in the middle and you fill it up with balls and hit the button and they all shoot up in the air. The kids love this area.

Easton was getting so mad because he couldn't climb over this, he kept falling off as it turned. It was pretty funny to watch.

It's impossible sometimes to get them to look at me.

And finally they both are looking at me:)

Cameron was trying to block Easton's mouth because Easton was trying to blow out the candles before we were done singing.

I wanted to get a picture of all the little kids on this chair but there was no way that was going to happen.

Well at least we are looking at the camera. I am pretty sure we got one with all of us looking at the camera.

We purchased this little slide show disc they made for us but for whatever reason I couldn't get it to download so I just took some of the pictures  from the slide show and included them with the pictures I took. So sorry for the picture overload.
There is so much at this place but there were a couple areas where everyone stayed and played the most. I can't wait to take the kids back but that probably won't happen until after the holidays and school is back in. This place can get crazy around this time of year. And especially now it's been crazy cold here for us. But usually if you can wait until about noon to go it calms down a little bit and it's not so crazy. One down side to these kind of places is that they are germ infested. I think this is probably where we all got our little runny/stuffy noses. Poor Cameron's upper lip is red and chapped from rubbing the snot away. It's still stuffy today but doesn't seem to be as runny. 

And since our video camera took a dump on us in January Ryan took some short clips with our little point and shoot camera. Here are a couple.

Who knows maybe we will have another birthday party at Wacky Tacky next year:) And Cameron is already telling us he wants a Monster Jam party.


  1. i love their matching shirts! good idea to have both parties at once. SMART, lady ;).


  2. So fun! I've invested a small fortune in those places over the years...well worth it.

  3. This is the way to go! looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  4. Yeah!! They look like they had blast!!
    Happy Birthday to your little ones :)


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