Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baseball Sip N See Inspiration.

Since this is our third baby we have decided not to have a baby shower for this little guy, instead we are going to have a little meet and greet party after he his born. Even if this little guy was a little princess we still would just have a little party and no shower. I have been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration. After going back and forth we have decided on a baseball theme. Of course we are huge baseball family so it comes as no big surprise. Plus it's perfect for a summer time BBQ party.
Now the only hard part is picking a date to have this little shin dig. We have so much going on this summer, especially the end of May and beginning of June. And since we don't know exactly when baby will be here it makes it a little more difficult and we want to have to it while Ryan is still off work so that only gives us like a month. As soon as we get a few things done around the house to get ready for this little bundle I am going to start buying and getting ready so I am not so overwhelmed at the last minute.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

First thing first is the invitation. I found this on Etsy and it's by far my favorite. I absolutely love it. Of course I will need to change the wording around a little bit but think its perfect.

How cute are these little hot dog holders?! I would love to find some little cardboard food holders, like the ones you get at the ballparks to carry all your goodies in. These are a must!!!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I am hoping to find a crate similar to this. I found this on Etsy and just might order it if I can't find something similar. I want to fill it with Cracker Jacks and Big League Chew. It will make the perfect little decoration.

I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and there are lots of different ways you can make them. I think this is my favorite way so far. It looks easy enough for me to even try. I think this would make a cute decoration in red, white, blue, and baseball fabric. And I can use it after the party for a bedroom decoration, either for the baby's room or Cameron and Easton's bedroom....surprise, surprise both bedrooms will be baseball rooms:))

I think I am going to put some some peanuts, licorice, and maybe sunflower seeds in some glass containers like these. I was also thinking of putting some peanuts in brown paper bags. Still undecided about that but I do know I will use these for something.

I say I am going to try and keep it simple but sometimes I tend to get carried away. I love baseball and all the decorations that go along with it and since this baby boy isn't getting a shower I want his party to be perfect. Plus the little party will between Memorial Day and Fourth of July so we will be able to find all sorts of red, white, and blue decorations that will go right along with it. We also plan on getting a bounce house for the little ones, they are going to love that!!

So do any of you have any ideas you want to share? Or what are your favorite baseball food and drinks?


  1. jessica, i LOVE your ideas!! and that invite is absolutely adorable!!
    i'm having a little surprise 35th for steve in a few wks and am thinking of doing a few baseball themed things since he is in love with the game. i'm thinking baseball cupcakes... peanuts, cracker jacks...
    you're so right on the red white and blue! i will let you know if i come across anything :)
    hope you're having a wonderful day <3

  2. Great ideas! How adorable! I love the way the food looks in the glass containers. I have so many of them. Right now they are in my sewing room but I might steal your idea if I have a party down the road.


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