Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Room for Baby.

Today I have 29 days left until my due date and we have nothing ready for this little guy. We don't even have diapers and the new car seat is still sitting in the box.  I finally finished painting his room last week so that was a huge step towards getting something done. It was a lavender color before so that was not going to work at all, now its a nice calming antique white color.

So now I have to go through all the other junk in the room and get it organized from when we moved. My goal this week is to go through all the baby clothes we have from Cameron and Easton. Some will get tossed/donated and some we will keep for this little guy. A lot I will be able to keep and use but this baby boy will be born in May whereas the other 2 were born in December.  

One major thing we did get checked off our list a couple weekends ago was finding a new car. Our family car before was our Dodge pickup, which was okay for two kids but adding a third in that backseat was going to be a little tight. And you could forget about storing anything back there. We find a great deal on a new/used SUV. The SUV we wanted when we got the truck but they were way too $$$$, plus we got a great deal on our truck at the time. I am loving the new car! Its so spacious and I love the color! The only thing we need to do is add a DVD player to it, which we will be doing in the next couple weeks.
So since we got a new car we had to say goodbye to an oldie. We sold our Jeep Cherokee. Ryan bought it when we lived in Iowa while he was going to school back there. That little white Jeep was such a good car to us. It got us and all our crap home from the Midwest. It ran great but we really didn't need 4 cars.

So over the next couple weeks I plan to get most of my to do list done. Lots of little things around the house, like paint the boys' bathroom {luckily my brother will be doing that}, hang some pictures and shelves {still left over to do from the move}, finish the baby's room and the boys' room, a trip to Babies R Us, and lots of other little things:)) 


  1. Jess, let me know if you need some clothes or anything. I probably have a few things of Daxton's that I can bring to the crop if you want. I already gave some things away, but I might still have something. I'll double check for you and send you a text. :)

  2. congratulations on the new car! love it! i also loved the white jeep.
    i can't wait to see the baby's new room!
    29's so exciting!! :)
    wishing you lots of luck this week <3

  3. Do you really only have 29 days- CRAZY!! I felt like you just announced you were pregnant. Yah, for the new car!! Everything is so exciting in your house!


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