Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That.

***okay first thing first.....I am not sure what is more painful, the sciatic nerve thingy or the pelvic pain I have going on right now.

***I did not go through baby clothes last week...big surprise! I just started the other day and finally have one load washed and dried, now I just have to fold and put them away.

***It was like 90 degrees over the weekend and I thought I was going to pass out. I had boob sweat and pit sweat. And now it's raining but muggy. We go from 60 to 90 in a week and then back to rain. I would love love it to be like around 75-80 degrees for the next month:))

***I am still having dreams and thoughts about a little baby girl being born:)) I know I am crazy but hey you never know.

***I got a little cold last week and now both the boys have running snotty noses.

***Last week I had my 36 week appointment and I only gained 2 lbs last month....yay! So that brings my total so far to 34lbs.

***Crazy Easton got some go-gurt on Cameron's Leapster game and decided to wash it off in the bathroom sink...hmmmmm yeah, submerging the entire thing in the sink filled with water. So we had to get another one plus the recharging battery pack. I know there will be more of this at some point.

***I am blogging from my phone tonight as I am too lazy to get the computer. So please forgive me if there are any typos.

***Today we went to a little retirement celebration for my mother-in-law. Her last day of work is tomorrow. It's so weird to think she is not going to be working anymore. she has worked her butt off and deserves this so much. I am pretty sure we will be able to help her stay busy...hehe:))

***Finally making a run to Babies R Us tomorrow for some must haves before the baby's arrival.

***Baby mink's first present....from Miss Vicky. A couple outfits, a little stuffed animal, and if course a quilt;)) She made both Cameron and Easton a quilt so of course I wanted another one this time around. She does such a wonderful job and this one is so cute. Thank you so much Vicky!


  1. ohh, i'm with ya on the crazy weather and the yucky boob sweat. i hate boob sweat. i get it all the time. it's sexy.
    i hope the boys feel better soon.
    i'm going to find you on instagram when i'm done leaving the comment. i just got it! :)
    wishing you a happy shopping trip tomorrow!
    thank you so much for all your support, jessica! it means so much <3

  2. I gained a grand total of 38, so you're good. Haha.



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