Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's hard to believe that the High School baseball season is already coming to an end. There are only 3 games left and playoffs start. Then right after the HS season ends American Legion {summer baseball} starts up.
The boys run wild at every single game. They are just crazy. Cameron doesn't listen and then Easton copies everything Cameron does. It doesn't help that I am 9 months pregnant chasing after 2 crazy kids for 4 hours. One good thing that helps a little is Easton always almost falls asleep on the way to the games and will sleep for about an hour, so I take that time sitting on my butt resting up. 
I always tell myself if they don't listen I will not take them but they have so much fun and it gives them something to do, plus I would feel so guilty if we didn't go. Although tomorrows game we are skipping. We went to the other 2 games this week, plus this week has been very busy. We have been going going everyday this week. So tomorrow we are going to lay low and let Dad go to the game solo.

Easton lining up with the boys to run.

Cameron and Easton chasing the ducks and dad following behind.

 Running with the boys.

 They found a huge pile of dirt at this game.

 And were using it as a slide. It's a good thing I always bring a change of clothes.

A better look at the massive dirt hill. 


  1. WOW check out your cute boys. BTW......Love the
    AC DC the band...always will

  2. oh my GOODNESS, i love the huge smiley face plastered across easton's face. he's such a happy little man! and his ac/dc shirt...ahhh :)
    cameron and him look like they have so much fun together! love the photo of them going down the dirt hill.
    i hope the week has been good to you and you're feeling well. it's almost time. so excited for you!!
    maria <3


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