Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This and That.

First thing first.....My baby boy is changing. His sleeping pattern has totally gone backwards. He now wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat!!! WTF is this all about?! A growth spurt I hope he will just outgrow pretty soon. I usually fall asleep by 10 then up again at about 12:30-1:00 back to sleep 30 minutes later then up again at about 3:15 with Ryan then back to sleep by about 4:30 and then Bentley is usually waking up again to eat. We both liked it so much better when he was sleeping all night and only waking once to eat and that was usually about the time Ryan was waking up. I am not complaining believe me because he is still a way better sleeper than the other two. They are constantly changing at this age.

Only 3 weeks until we leave for AZ! It's about a 12 hour drive from us, so with 3 kids it's probably going to take like 16 hours! I sure hope not!!!! I am already starting to think of some activities to keep them busy on the road besides their little Leapfrog games and movies. The DVD player I think is going to save us lots of misery on this road trip. We will be there for a week and then have to make the drive back.

Last weekend my BFF finally got engaged!!! Super happy and excited for Cynthia and Joe! I am so excited to be able to finally plan a shower for her. Although I was beginning to think it was going to be a baby shower first. The three of us...Vicky {mom}, Rebecca {sister}, and myself are going to have so much fun planning!!! 

I am participating in a giveaway over at Ava Grace's Closet. This is one of my favorite
blogs:) Susan is always posting super cute outfits, things I wish I could get away with wearing. But my most favorite thing about her blog is her sweet little Ava Grace. I just love seeing pictures of this little girl. She is such a cutie!

We got a diaper cake order.....YAY!!! The shop was closed for a little bit, while moving and having a baby.  Not that we usually are flooded with orders or anything. So I will be working on that later today or probably more like later tonight or super early tomorrow morning.

Christmas and birthdays are only like 3 months away!!!!! This I cannot believe!!! So much to start thinking about. I tell myself every year we are going to starting shopping in September, lets see if that happens this year.....yeah right!

A couple weeks ago Cameron had school pictures and this week we have Back to School Night, it's only for pre-school but it's hitting me next year he will be in Kindergarten!!! I don't even want to think about that day. Its going to be a happy and sad day.

Can't wait to get these pictures.....hopefully they got one where he is smiling.

Yes....My cat is FAT!
This is an everyday thing in our house with this cat. He is always right in the middle of the bed. What else is he going to do all day?! Oh and he weighs.....21 pounds!!!


  1. Always growing and always changing! Love your friends ring it is beautiful. Hang in there girly!

  2. I always love reading your posts because you are living the life that I miss so very much. You sound so much like me when I was younger. Reading about the midnight feedings strikes me in a special way. I know how frustrating and tiring it is right now, but I PROMISE you that 20+ years from now you will be thinking about those special moments. And you will remember them as special. My son slept through the night from day one. My daughter had her sleeping patterns so screwed up that she rarely slept at night for the first 9 months! I look back now and instead of seeing how tired I was, I see myself looking down at her knowing that she felt safe at that time. Just her and me. Even watching boring midnight TV leaves an impression. Since I can't have those days back, I'll continue to stop by your blog and read your stories. The memories always come back!

    And yes, that is a fat cat! The vet that I work for calls fat cats "happy cats" and your cat does look like he's happy.

  3. haha love the last photo of your cat ...lol ... I had to put our dog on a diet he keeps eating all the other dogs food :)

  4. ahhhh i didn't know you had a fat cat too?! ahhhh i love it! i have to show steve! i got on the scale with twinkie the other day and he lost two lbs. down to 16.8 and was over 18. he lays like that and is such a flufferchub!
    congratulations again to your friend...what a beautiful ring!
    AZ sounds so nice...i want to go someday. lots of luck on the car ride and good luck to Cameron. <3<3<3


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