Friday, March 1, 2013

To: Cynthia-The Joys of Pregnancy and Labor.

This post is dedicated to my dearest friend.....Cynthia. 

There are just some things your mom isn't going to tell you about pregnancy, labor, and life after you give birth. That's why you have girlfriends that won't sugar coat things and make it all sound peachy. I did not mind being pregnant and had no major problems. I did miss feeling them move around inside but did not miss all the uncomfortableness that comes along with it.  But by the end of the pregnancy when your huge and fat and so uncomfortable your so ready for it to be over with. 

Some of things written in this post might be a little TMI....just a warning that I will be writing about boobs, nipples, and vaginas.

In the beginning there might be a little morning sickness or a lot. I had just a little for about the first 14 weeks or so. You will be tired and your boobs will start to hurt and get super sore. Oh and don't forget the frequent urination that never goes away and the lovely discharge.
Then you will start to feel good get some energy back and think "Oh this isn't so bad" then about 30 weeks or so all the "cool" stuff starts to happen.............................
  • Your boobs may or may not have started to leak at this point.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions may have started and sometimes they can be quite uncomfortable. Lots of water will help with these. 
  • Of course as I already mentioned......the yucky whitish discharge, sometimes will cause you to have to wear a pantyliner:) This started in the beginning for me....just what you wanted to know...right?!
  • Back pain may have settled in. With Easton and Bentley I had terrible back pain....NO BUENO!!!
  • The pubic bone/pelvis pain. This hurts so bad!!! I could barely get out of bed. And then sometimes you could hear it popping. This started to happen in the last 6 weeks or so and it was only with Bentley. 
  • Feeling major pressure in your area down there. Sometimes it felt like he was just going to pop out or something. It hurts to get out of bed and even walk. Not a good feeling at all. Very strange. I did not have that feeling with the first two.
  • Swelling of the hands and feet. This happened early on for me with Cameron. I was not about to go without my wedding ring, so I had it sized a one whole size bigger and it was still tight. Now after 3 kiddos its practically falling off so I need to get it sized smaller again, Ryan reminds me almost daily I will not be getting a new one if I lose it:)

Now here are some great things about labor.......

  • Sometimes you lose the "mucus plug", you will know when this happens. It's disgusting! With Cameron I lost it right at the same time contractions started. But it's different for everyone. With Cameron it was a ton of junk down there but Easton not so much. I have also read and heard that you can lose it over time as well. But when you do start losing it that probably means labor is near:)
  • It HURTS! I believe I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. With Cameron it wasn't that bad. I got an epidural but then that slowed things down a bit {as Cynthia knows because she was there}. Well we all know with Easton there was no time for any drugs and it hurt like HELL. The burning sensation is the worst and the contractions are no joke.
  • Labor can take FOREVER! Make sure to bring some snacks for Joe and maybe the Ipad:) and a pillow from home might be nice. 
  • Pushing out a baby is like one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! It's different for everyone. I pushed for a little over 3 hours with Cameron and I never thought it was going to end. My back was killing me towards the end and I seriously thought I would never get him out. 
  • You may or may not poop while happens.
  • You may need an epsoimoy to get him out and if so Joe will want to turn his head {or at least that's what our doctor told Ryan} and if so your recovery time will take a little longer and you will be a little more sore in that area.....OH JOY!
  • If you have an epidural it will take a while for it to wear off. You won't be able to stand up and walk for a bit but at least you really won't feel the doctor pushing out the lovely placenta:)
  • Beware when they move you to the bathroom to go pee....this is not a pretty site. Lots and lots of junk coming out down there. With all three boys the bleeding lasted about 3 weeks or so.
  • The nurses will give you a little squirt bottle thingy to clean down there after every time you go to the bathroom and then they give some spray stuff to spray down there to help with the burning. This will be your best friend especially if you have stitches.

One of the best pieces of advice I got while pregnant with Cameron was from one of the baseball players Mom that Ryan coached....she said to me when I was about 34 weeks pregnant or so to start rubbing my nipples with sponge {or something} to get them ready. At first I thought she was crazy but after 3 kids I can tell you this is not crazy. The nipples get so very sore, especially in the beginning. I can remember with Easton they were starting to get red and cracking when I was still in the hospital...probably because he was a giant and ate all day long:) 
And since we are talking about breasts....they will hurt like hell once your milk comes in. They will hard as rock and like 3 times the normal size. Nurse often and massage them:)

Cynthia is now 33 weeks pregnant {I think}t. I cannot believe she will be having a baby in 2 months! FINALLY!!! 
I cannot wait for her to go into labor and finally experience labor and child birth. Finally after 5 years of talking about it since Cameron was born she will get to experience it herself. She was the only one at the hospital when Easton was born and she was just outside the room and she said it sounded like my arm was being chopped off....YES i was screaming! It hurt so freaking bad. 

Last weekend was her baby shower and everything turned out wonderful. Her mom, sis, myself and a college friend all helped and put our ideas together. Her mom really went all out for everything. It was prefect. 

So tell me ladies what was the best and worst thing about pregnancy and/or labor? We all know the end result is well worth it and by far the best thing ever or why else would we do it again and again:)

Please excuse any typos.....The kids are starting to wake up and I just need to post this or it will never happen. It was one of my many half written posts. 


  1. My mom told me about the washcloth on the nipple thing and I thought she was nuts, but it actually does help. My best advice came from my step-mom who is a labor and delivery nurse, she said, "be willing to accept whatever happens because every delivery is different." She also told me that inevitably the girls who come in with a 10 page birth plan are the ones who end up with disastrous experiences because things didn't go exactly according to plan.

  2. Yah...nipples vagina and BOOBS love it...Tell it how it is sista becasue these are the facts. I really would like to slap some women who say that pregnancy is sooo great, never got sick and that baby X came out looking like the baby on the downy box...Bullshit!!!! Motherhood is hard but all worth it when you see those snot nose encrusted faces smiling back up at you with unconditional love.

  3. jessica, i LOVED this post. it was so sweet of you to write it for your friend!! congratulations to her!! i love how honest you are...and i love that you prefaced it with "boobs, nipples and vaginas" :)
    it definitely helps to read other women's experiences.
    i was just telling steve tonight that i totally see myself pooping. lol. if i don't, it will be a miracle. ;)
    thanks for all the tips!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxox

  4. It's awesome that you took the time to write this. These are the things that I think all pregnant girls look for, the "real deal".


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