Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Well the weather here has been great all week for the month of August but that has me a bit worried because I know the scorching 100 degree temps are not over with, heck it can be 100 still in the month of October. I sure hope it's not. So that means lots of time outside this week. Actually the weather doesn't seem to bother them half the time. 

We found out that Cameron got into the morning session so that's great news. I would have gone nuts with an 11:40-3:00 schedule.

We all went on a family outing to the driving range and has always Cameron ends up in trouble and crying by the time we get back to the car. I didn't do all that bad for not hitting a ball in over a year but I took it easy and only hit a handful. The kids love it cause the balls pop up from a dispenser onto a tee;)

Bentley and I went to Cynthia's dress fitting {wedding is just 3 weeks away} while Cameron and Easton went to John's Incredible Pizza with my mom and grandma. It was nice to come home and have the house quiet for a bit. Bentley decided his 10 minute nap in the car was good enough so nap and actually that happened like 3 times this week. 

All three crazies got hair cuts and they were actually pretty good the whole time we were there. We had to wait a little bit even though we had an appointment which was annoying especially when I am waiting with 3 kids but oh well. 

And this was Thursday. One of the days Bentley decided not to nap.......

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are off to a birthday party today and who knows what we are doing tomorrow:)

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  1. OMG your little ones are growing up so fast and the nap pics are HILLarious


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