Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Okay......well this Friday rewind is a couple days late....surprise, surprise.

This week was kinda a big week for us. Lots of things happening here in the Mink household. We went to Cameron's little school picnic to meet his teacher and say hello. Cameron had his first practice for fall ball, which is going to be coaches pitch. He's done with the T-ball {of course I have a post dedicated to his T-ball season but who knows when that will be up}. 

We took the kids out to ice cream which is always an adventure taking them anywhere. They used to hate ice cream but now they love it and of course they will only eat certain flavors. Cameron will only eat vanilla. Easton will eat vanilla with chocolate and/or caramel syrup and chocolate.  

Then Thursday was Cameron's first day of Kindergarten. I cannot believe our kids are already starting school. It's only 3 hours a day but it's every day. So this week will be interesting since it will be our first full week of coming and going to school. 

I also found wedding shoes and picked up my dress for Cynthia's wedding {which is only 2 weeks away from today....EEEEEEKKKKKk}. And I still have some things to finish up for the wedding....crunch time!!!!

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