Wednesday, August 20, 2014


So this year we had 2 kiddos in baseball. Easton played t-ball. He was one of the youngest on his team. And Cameron is playing coach-pitch. We were very busy this past spring. Lots of practice and games. Once the games started they did not have practice ....thanks goodness!!! The one nice thing about the little kids playing is they played games at the same park so when they did have games at same time we could sit in the middle and watch both games. 

It was very entertaining to watch Easton. They are pretty much clueless at the t-ball level. He did lots of messing around more so than Cameron did at that level. And he would throw tantrums! OMG the tantrums were so embarrassing. The first one was at the second game. He was catcher the first game and wanted to be catcher the next game but they all take turns playing positions and well he wasn't ok with that. He was screaming and crying, it was so bad. I had to drag him out of the dugout and we packed up our crap and left the game. He had some issues with not wanting to share positions with other players. He always wanted to play first base because he wanted the ball. At the t-ball level they teach them to always throw the ball to first base. Oh and he loved to give everyone on the other team a hi-five as the ran by. It was so funny and cute. We are hoping next year goes a little better. He was the youngest one on his team. The coaches and team moms were very good with him and had lots of patience. 

 This was Easton's first practice. This first practice was a mess. Kids running around everywhere with no clue what was going on LOL.

It was awesome to see how much Cameron improved since last year. Cameron played coach pitch in the fall last year so that helped him a lot when the spring season rolled around in February. It's such a great feeling to see your kids succeed. Cameron has already started practicing for fall ball. They practice a couple times a week and will start playing games in a couple weeks. 

Cameron as catcher. This was a shocker. Last year he wanted nothing to do with being catcher. He didn't really like it but he tried it and that's the most important thing:)

Okay I was having some technical difficulties with this freaking computer/internet. Hopefully there's no duplicate pictures and things are a total mess on this page:)  

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