Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bentley's First Birthday Party.

Well this post is like WAY over due. And I've had half of it done for a LONG time now.

Bentley's First Birthday Party was on May 19, 2013 {that is actually my birthday but of course it was Bentley's day}. The theme of the party was Dinosaurs{ little dino}.  I love the whole party planning thing. Sometimes I ask why do I do this but I love the decorating and making things look "cute" and "pretty". 
I am very lucky that my Mom and Grandma are always here to help out with the kids. They come early so I can do whatever it is I need to do, that usually is finishing up the decorating and getting the food ready to go, oh and finish making myself presentable:) Ryan is usually getting the backyard ready with the drinks and setting up the tables and chairs. Oh and he usually is the one to pick up the cake and balloons and any other last minute things I may have forgotten

This was the "sweets" display. Lots of candy and of course the cake. I got the cake from Walmart. They a ton of tiered cakes which are pretty cute. They don't do fondant. The little Dino on top of the cake I ordered from Rebecca's {you all know Rebecca....Cynthia's little sister}friends sister. She also made the cookies. You can check out her facebook page here.
The little blue and green treat cups I filled with chocolate covered pretzels and purchase them from The Party Fairy on Etsy.

And the Birthday cake. Who doesn't love watching a one year old eat their birthday cake?!

Here is Ryan cutting meat. He slaved over the grill in the 100 degree heat.

This was his lunch before cake. He had his favorite...Ravioli.

And of course anytime there are presents around Cameron and Easton are right there to help.

I tried to get a picture of the boys with cousin Autumn and this was the best one. The only thing i can say is kids WILL be kids.

This is probably my favorite birthday party picture of the the birthday boy.

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  1. can I squeeze him??!! ohmygosh, Bentley is adorable!! I can't even take it!! his party was so awesome - love all the colors - and the balloon wreath??!! I am in love!! never have seen one like that, and now I totally want to make one sometime!
    what a great guy ryan is...grilling in the 100 degree heat!!
    you guys throw such amazing parties!! and I love that everything is handmade and homemade!!
    again, your babes are very blessed!
    little miss is just waking up, so i'm off to get the milk (and coffee)! had so much fun catching up with you! cant wait to read more and see more pictures!
    thank you for your always sweet and supportive words over the years!!
    sending love and wishing you a happy Thursday! xoxoxox


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