Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boys' Skylander Birthday Party.

So as most of you know Cameron and Easton's birthdays are in December. Cameron's is the 17th and Easton's the 24th. So we try and have their birthday party the first weekend of December and we do a combo party {not sure how much longer that will last}.

Last year {yes this is one of those catching you all up post. A little late but at least its getting done...right?}They both decided on a Skylander Party. If your not familiar with Skylanders it's a video game. Santa brought the kids a Wii for Christmas the previous year and it was the special Skylander edition. It comes with this power of portal thingy that the little characters sit on and then you are that character in the game and you can switch them out. There are like a bazillion characters {we have about a million of them}. So prior to this party they have been all about Skylanders. They go in phases and as of lately they haven't played it much at all. 

I was thinking of buying a cake to look like the power of portal but got a couple quotes and was like "Oh HELL No!" LOL. I looked at some pictures on the Internet I told myself I could totally make it. So that's what I did. I wasn't wanting a fancy cake or anything. A round cake with 2 colors of fondant on it and the prices were crazy. It was super easy to make. All  I did was roll out white fondant and covered the cake. I used the Duff pre-made stuff from Michael's. I got little square cookie cutters, there were 3 different sizes and I just made about 2 inch panels or so and gently pressed the cutter into the fondant to make it look like stones. Then I just gently laid it on the cake. It was super duper easy. Then I bought them some NEW Skylanders and used those as the toppers. 

The party was held at LazerCraze. By the name you can tell its a Lazer tag place but they also have this huge party area and inflatables for the kids to bounce on. It's a great place to have a party for the little kids. They also have arcade games. It was a great party and Cameron was able to invite all his new Kinder friends from school, which he was super happy about. It was a little weird not decorating and cooking and party prepping but it was SO nice not to have a mess to clean up. 

I saw these invitations on Pinterest and had to have them for the boys. So when you buy a Skylander it comes with a trading card and they look exactly like this. The Etsy shop owner can no longer sell these because it goes against the copyright policy or something like that. Too bad because these are so cool!

 Bentley wanted nothing to do with the slide or bounce houses. He hated them. Nowadays he loved them! Uncle darrin and Cousin Landon enjoyed themselves:)

 We took presents home to open. The kids were bummed but it's just easier to take them home and open. Especially when there's two kids it can get a little crazy. 

This was the best picture out of like 10 different ones. Oh well at least Ryan and I are looking at the camera.

 This was on Cameron's actual birthday day. We took him out to dinner and ice cream. The little crown he got from school and just had to wear out to dinner. And can you believe we still have that crown. It's almost ripped in half because Bentley has gotten a hold of it a couple times but it's still hanging on. 

And poor Easton will never have a cool birthday dinner and ice cream. Everything closes early on Christmas Eve. So we had take out pizza and Baskin Robbins. Then we went and checked out some Christmas lights. We might just have to make that a traditon on his birthday now since everything shuts down so early. It was a wonderful night and we will always remember it. The kids faces lit up when they saw all the lights. Absolutely loved it!

Please forgive me if there are numerous typos. I did kinda proof read. Dinner is cooking, Ryan and  Cameron will be home soon from baseball practice. Ryan always lets me know when there are lots of typos...thanks dear:)

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