Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disneyland Day One.

In February we made the big trip down to Disneyland. The kids are out of school for a week in February so it made perfect sense to make this our vacation week.We left on a Saturday at about 3ish and made it to Cynthia's at 10pm. So it was a very long drive for the kids but they did very good. They colored and watched movies and Bentley took a couple naps. Cynthia lives about an hour and a half from Disneyland so we stayed the night with them Saturday and Sunday then left for Disneyland Monday Morning. 

It was so nice to FINALLY visit her. She has lived for a few years now and that's the first time we made it there. Once we got to Anaheim we checked into out hotel {which was not ready}then headed for the Happiest Place on Earth. 

We booked our vacation through Get Away Today, recommended by my sister-in-law. They offer all kinds of different packages and pretty good rates as well. We stayed at the Castle Inn. It's not a 5 star hotel but it was pretty nice. It was clean and there was nothing wrong with our room or service. I would stay there again.In fact we did get upgraded to a 2-room suite which was nice because it gave us extra room. 

And it's in walking distance to Disneyland. We walked every day with the kids. It is a lot of waking but its easier to walk than drive. By the end of the night the kids were exhausted. 

this is when we first got inside. The kids were starving and Dad went to scope things out to find somewhere to eat. 

Bentley did not like being in the middle of this tree. 

Easton was terrified to go on the little Pinocchio ride. I practically had to drag him on it.

Mr. grumpy. Not happy about waiting in line for the Pinocchio ride. 

Waiting for the parade to start. 

The kids were so into the character signing. We got a little autograph book from the gift shop. It was so cute. Every time they saw a character they got so excited and we had to wait in line. All the lines move pretty quick. And surprisingly the only one Bentley was afraid of was Eeyore. They went from Tiger, to Eeyore then Pooh. I guess he thought little old Eeyore was scary or something. 

Ryan looks thrilled huh?! He loved every minute of it! Hey he even wants to go back next year:)

 Waiting for the train.

 Waiting for the train being a crazy!

 My night time photography skills suck. I wish I knew what I was doing. They were beautiful and of course they had Disney songs playing. It truly is a magical place. 

Okay.... so a little story. We had no idea this train ride we were waiting for was like 20 minutes long. We are waiting and the train is about to pick us up and Easton says he has to pee. We say just hold it we will be done with the train ride soon. Well the train ride goes forever but Easton never complains he has to pee until after we get off. He even fell asleep for a few minutes on the train. So we finally get off the train and He says he has to pee so Ryan runs him over to the bathroom, which wasn't far from where we were. Ryan and Easton walk out of the bathroom and I can tell by the look on Ryan's face something is wrong. Well I guess Easton couldn't get his pants down in time and he peed his pants. And it was a lot!!! His pants and shoes were soaking WET! So by this time it's like almost 8:00 and the fireworks start at 8:30. SO poor Ryan has so RUN back to hotel while we sit and wait to get Easton some new clothes. Easton has NEVER ever had an accident. Ryan barely made it back in time for the fireworks. In fact I was in the bathroom with Easton just getting done changing him when the music started playing the first firework went off. Totally our fault for not taking him. He did say something really cute to Ryan right after he peed himself. He said, "Dad I said I really really had to pee". 

Watching the fireworks. They were so cool. It was a little hazy that night but still so so awesome.  

My prince charming:)

The kid having a little too much fun in the hotel. 

We will continue tomorrow with Day 2 of our Disneyland trip. Stay tuned. Tomorrow we explore California Adventure. 

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