Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jeeper's Jamboree 2013

This post will kinda give you an idea of what we do with the Jeep when we take it out. I mentioned in yesterday's post the Jeeper's Jamboree. Now you cannot just take any ordinary Jeep {or other vehicle} on the Rubicon Trail {where the Jamboree is held}. You need an off road vehicle.
The Jamboree is a 4 day or 3 day trip depending on which you sign up for. We chose the 4 day trip. So you load up your Jeep and hit the road. It takes about 2 hours to get to the start of the trail from our house. The trail itself is about 17 miles and takes a very long time. It's not like your just cruising through it going like 25 mph. You are going VERY slow while climbing over rocks and shit. It takes all day just to get half way through it. We started on the trail at about 7:30am and didn't get to our camp site until about 3-4ish. And it takes just as long to go through the second half of the trail.
So we go about half way through the trail then set up camp at the Rubicon Springs for the next 3 nights and then we pack up and leave Sunday morning and complete the trail. For those 3 days we are there it's nothing but a big PARTY. We were wondering and kept asking what in the world goes on for 3 days while your there. Well we found out. We did go for a nice long hike one day and came upon an awesome little swimming hole. I left the camera back at camp for that hike because it was some major hiking and I didn't want to damage my precious camera. Next time though I think I might take it. We hung out by the water and relaxed one day. It was a great trip and we are hoping to go back next year. 

 Here is Ryan airing down the tires getting ready to hit the trail. You have to air down your tires so the tires grip the rock better.

 The white Jeep is our friends jeep. Not sure exactly what's going on here. I think this is maybe when there was a slight back up.

 I had to take a picture of this speaker. We camped pretty far from these folks {we called them the 20 year guys because this was their 20th year coming on the Jamboree} and you could still hear the music playing. The music started playing VERY early:)

 At the bar getting some ice cold beverages:)

 This event so big. I don't think you realize how much goes into it until you get there. There's a helicopter there all week long flying in workers and all their supplies. We pay a fee to participate and the fee includes 3 meals. It's like a full size kitchen out in the middle of no where.

 This was before dinner one night. Everyone just hanging out having a good time and listening to the LIVE band. Yes a band flies in via the helicopter. 

 The "nicest" out house near our camp site. 

 This was bright and early on our last day, getting ready to head out. 

 This is known as "Cadillac Hill" and like the toughest spot on the trail. Vehicles are known to have lots of trouble here and it usually backs things up for a bit. We sat at the bottom for quite some time waiting and waiting. A couple years ago someone rolled their Jeep and it caught on fire, the lady survived the initial accident but then died about 3 weeks later. Very sad. 

This is called Observation Point. You can see the whole valley where we camped from here, very cool. 

All weekend we had joked about seeing a bear. Our friend Teresa is like deathly afraid of bears. Mike and her are outdoors peeps, they go on hikes in the middle on no where and they have never seen a bear. She carries a bell on hire little hiking backpack and rings it all the time. And of course we see one on our way out. Ok it looks far away BUT it was NOT! It was pretty damn close. And we have no windows. Our jeep has these half doors with no freaking windows. I was freaking out just a little. But the little old scroungy looking bear just went on his way back through the woods. 

These are just a few pictures. The pictures never do justice. It looks like nothing in the pictures but let me tell you, if have never been or done anything like this you would be freaking the F#@K out! Hope you all enjoyed getting a little look at one of our hobbies. 

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