Saturday, August 16, 2014

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW.

We have been talking about getting a new Jeep for awhile now. We talked about it last year before we went on the Jeeper's Jamboree but at that time we just spent lots of $$$$ on some things for it so that kinda was out of the picture. So this year rolls around about a couple weeks before the Jamboree and our friends we were going with backed out. So of course Ryan is thinking this is prime time to put the Jeep up for sale and upgrade. 

We had the Jeep for 9 years and barely put any miles on it. I think it was just under 20k. Ryan put lots of $$$$$, sweat, and lots of hard work to get it to where he wanted it. But having 3 boys this one was just too small for our family of 5. We would never be able to take them out on the trail all together. There's only enough room in the back for 2 people. 
So up for sale it went. It didn't take long to sell it. The first dude who wanted had no clue what he was buying and honestly I think he wanted it more for the way it looked. So an older gentleman bought it. This guy got an awesome Jeep and at a great price. So many parts and stuff on that thing are like brand stinking new. The Jeep has sat in the garage for the past 7 years and barely saw the road. 
So of course it didn't take Ryan long to find a new Jeep. I think he actually found it a day or two after he listed the old Jeep for sale. Anyway so we upgraded our Jeep to a 4 door which will give us plenty of room to start taking the boys out on the trail four wheeling and rock climbing. In the mean time Ryan has been waiting like a month to drop it off at the shop that will be doing all the modifications. It's taking forever for them to get all the parts to start working on it. It should be within a couple weeks now. And believe me he is getting antsy. Oh and he's a little nervous it won't fit in the garage once it's done, it might be to tall....eeeeekkkkkk.

The top picture is the new owner getting ready to leave with it. It was sad to see it go. you think about all the work and money you put into something and then it's just gone. It's weird to get attached to a car. It was even sad leaving the dealership without the truck. We bought the truck when Cameron was born. It was our bigger "family" vehicle.  We are excited to start making memories with the new Jeep and the kids. We will have this one forever. There is no more upgrading:)


Oh and I forgot to mention that we traded in our truck because a couple months ago we purchased a commuter car from Ryan's mom so we really did not need 4 flipping cars. I had just switched our insurance carrier too and was calling them a lot switching things around . Thank goodness that's done with for a LONG time.  

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