Sunday, August 3, 2014

Santa Cruz.

So last week Ryan was on vacation and we had originally planned to go on the Jeepers Jamboree, it's a 4 day camping trip on the Rubicon Trali {a post from last years trip will be in the near furture}, but our friends backed out last minute so we decided to take the kids on a little getaway. Ryan has been wanting to take them to the beach so we decided on Santa Cruz. It's only about a 3 hour drive from us and totally worth it. 

The kids had a BLAST. They loved the beach. Easton loved it so much I was afraid he was going to get sucked out into the ocean. He wanted to do nothing else but to swim and play in the waves. Bentley on the other hand wasn't as excited. The waves freaked him out and he held onto you for dear life. Cameron was in and out and loved playing in the sand. 

I was attempting to get a picture of all three of them smiling looking at the camera...You can see how well that went.

Cameron passed out at dinner. He slept like that for like 30 minutes.

We spent all day at the beach. We headed back to our hotel to swim in the pool and get ready for dinner. We decided to walk {it didn't seem that far} but once we were all the way on the wharf our hotel seemed soooooooooo far away. Took awhile to pick a place to eat and get seated. Cameron passed out at the table and Bentley was making a mess with his noodles and kethcup. The kids were exhausted!

The next day we went to the boardwalk to play some games and hang out. The kids freaking love all those arcade games. Easton wanted to play every game that had a claw and you win little rinky dink crap. And just like any kid they love winning tickets and they had enough at the end for each of them to get a little spongebob stuffed toy {oh joy another stuffed animal}.

This is one of those little games Easton played. We really had to watch him because he would just wonder off and swipe his little play card in every machine wasting his credits. Well this time he ran off over to the game with a bunch of soccer balls in it and he actually got it all by himself. It was so funny and cute. So Ryan had to get two more for Cameron and Bentley. 

After the arcade and boardwalk we decided to take a drive up the road about 30 minutes to another beach. Just a few miles up the road the tempature changes drastically and it was probably in the high 60's with a breeze and the water was much colder. The kids called this the "cold" beach. We hung out there for awhile before we headed home. 

The kids had SO much fun. They just ran around the beach like the crazies they are, getting their feet wet and playing in the sand. They found tons of sanddaollars and seashells {which of course we had to bring home} and built sandcastles. This was a great day and we will remember it forever. It was so nice sitting on the beach {we pratically had a huge area all to ourselves} watching the kids run and play. 

 Bentley is trying to catch up......WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!

Don't even ask about this picture. Easton had gotten his shorts wet on the walk down the beach and the shorts were rubbing his leg making him a little "chaffey" so he decided to take them off. So YES he had no shorts on half the day at the beach because he had one pair of shorts left which was for the ride home. 

 AND of course Bentley had to copy everything Easton was doing. They had sand all over:)

 Bentley was going crazy running around in the sand AND then he was running chasing the poor little birdies...crazy kid!

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  1. your babes are GORGEOUS, Jessica!! they are so so cute and funny! so many of these pictures made me smirk, too, because you can see their fun personalities shining through!! looks like such a fun vacation!! the picture of Cameron asleep is so cute!! and I lol at the one of Easton in his underwear!!
    you are always having fun!! your boys (and ryan) are so lucky to have you!!


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