Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Break Coming to an End.....and I couldn't be Happier.

This is our first summer with a real summer break. Our first 10 week break after being in school all year. Even though Cameron only went from 8:20-11:40am, that short 3 hour window kept me from not losing it. The kids have been at each other all summer. The fighting and the arguing is getting old. Cameron's smart ass mouth is getting old. He currently cannot play with the Lego's or the Wii until I SAY SO. I am hoping that once school starts up again his attitude changes. Some days they can be so good and then other days they are flipping crazy and I am about to lose my shit. Yesterday was one of those "I am about to lose it" kinda days. 

Recently I have been playing referee . Cameron will hit Bentley and then Bentley will haul off and smack him {usually on the face or head and usually with a toy of some sort}. And then Cameron will end up in a time out. Bentley wants to do whatever his big brothers are doing and most the time they do not want him playing with them and that means lots of screaming and crying. It's either Bentley smashing up their Lego's or smashing up their lined up trucks and cars. 

School cannot start fast enough. It will be a little sad. Sad because Cameron will be in First grade. First grade is like big boy status. He will be there all day, he will eat lunch there, and he will be dismissed at the end of the day with all the other students. It's crazy how fast the Kindergarten year went. BUT I will happy to have a normal everyday routine again with a little peace and quiet. 

They had lots of water gun fights in the backyard and lots of Free time to make a huge mess. 

Not sure how many bottles of wine I have gone through in the past 10 weeks.......

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  1. hahaha! I love how real you are!! i'm glad you're looking forward to getting back into a routine!! it's crazy how fast this summer flew!! I love the picture of the boy playing in the backyard!! and the eecard about the wine - hilarious!!
    cheers to the last weeks of summer!! xoxox


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