Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Swim Lessons.

So this summer we signed the kids up for swim lessons again. Last summer they did 4 weeks of swim lessons. After 4 weeks of swim lessons this summer I asked the kids if they wanted to keep going and they said YES! So they had a total of 6 weeks of swim lessons 4 days a week for 30 minutes. 

Last year Cameron hated it. He cried almost everyday and looked miserable in the water about 90% of the time. And of course Easton was always smiling laughing and  having a great time. So this year I was a little worried it would be a repeat of last year. Cameron was a little hesitant the first few days but after 2 weeks he improved like 100%.  It was awesome seeing how much he improved and after he got over the fear factor he did great. He started trying and doing stuff he hadn't before. 
Not much I can say about Easton. He was the same old silly kid out there with his mouth wide open laughing and smiling the entire time. He had a hard time listening to the instructors. He always wanted to just play with the little dive toys:)
We were just over at my friends house yesterday swimming and the kids haven't forgotten anything they learned. They were swimming like little fish and loved it. It's such a great feeling seeing your kids succeed and improve at something. It makes you all teary eyed and warm inside.

On the last day of the each 2 week session they get a little 
report cards telling them what they needs to work on. 

Oh and as you can tell Bentley was not part of the swim lessons. Maybe next year when he doesn't need a parent in there with him. I was not going to be getting in the pool every day each morning for 6 weeks with him. Sorry B just wasn't happening:) 

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