Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Well I am just now getting to relax. The kids are in bed and passed out. Ryan is already passed out as well {doesn't take him long}. Just another great week in our crazy house. 

Sunday Ryan had ONE {he already had the other one last week} of his fantasy football drafts and he saw this recipe on Facebook for homemade cinnamon rolls so Sunday night while he was at his draft I decided to make some for him. I was really making them for Monday morning but that is way too much work to be doing right when I wake up plus trying to feed the kids {and no they won't eat cinnamon rolls, Bentley YES the other two NO}. It seemed to take forever. I never worked with yeast before and the flipping dough wasn't rising. A couple calls to my Grandma and I think I found out that our house was actually too cool and that's why it wasn't rising. I put the dough in the warm oven for a few and it started to rise. They were pretty good but probably won't be making them anytime in the near future. 

The recipe is from Two Peas & Their can find it here.

 I had my first parent meeting of the school year. It was an hour and a half long. Hopefully we can get it down to like 30 minutes for the next one. Cameron's class has their first field trip in a couple weeks and of course I signed up to be a driver:)We have monthly class meetings where we discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, and lots of other stuff. 

I had to share this text. Cameron likes to push Ryan's buttons when they are out in the front yard practicing baseball and he plays in the dirt a lot at practice. Ryan's been taking him to all his practices so I haven't seen much. But the other day Ryan sends this text. Ryan's always making fun of all the hash-tags. Then he's telling me to record the Packer's game. We won't talk about that:( 
Ryan gave in and said that Easton could get one more blankie. So off to Nordstrom's we went. After years they finally changed the design a little bit but it still feels just as soft. He was so happy. We have been through so many of these blankets. Cameron got one of these blankets as a gift when he was born. When he was about 4 months old he got attached. So we bought one for Easton and same thing and so then we of course got one for Bentley. All 3 love their blankets. Cameron's is looking ragged but he's not getting another. Anyway so Easton got a new one. And can you freaking believe it one day later has a big FAT hole. Whatever. Ugh.

Here's Easton with his new BLUE blankie:)

This is what was left of the old one:(

And here is the big fat hole in the BRAND new one. I am going to try and stitch it up.

Today I ran around like a crazy person. After we took Cameron to school Easton, Bentley, and I were on the go until we got home at about Noon. Then it was time to unload and feed the kiddos. I chased the nut job around until I found out Ryan was going to make it home before it was time for me to leave to Cameron from school so I put crazy ass to bed for a nap. He hadn't had a real nap in days. Most of the time now he just gets car naps because we are always on the go getting Cameron from school. 

Bentley passed out on the way to get Cameron from school. This usually happens every school day. 

Easton getting some snuggles from Homer this morning. 

Please forgive me but I am getting sleepy and I have been up since about 3:15AM, so therefore I am not going over this and proof reading. I know there's going to be typos but whatever. I might come back over the weekend and look it over again. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Cameron has a baseball game so that's where we will be tomorrow morning:)

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