Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Well Easton finally started school this week. He goes to a pre-school in the district but they start a few weeks after the regular school year starts. He was of course super excited and he was even more excited to get a book order form from Scholastic. The kids love getting their book orders each month. They love picking out their books!!!!

I did manage to make it to the gym twice this week! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!! Next week I will be lucky if I make it at all. We will see. Lots to do with school and to get ready for my first ever Vendor Fair!!

OMG!!! It's been like 100 degrees the last couple days and tomorrow it is suppose to be 100 as well and Cameron has a baseball game at 2:00PM. Like the hottest part of the friggin day. Not looking forward to that. I getting ready to put some water bottles in the freezer now for Easton and Bentley so they can try and keep cool. 


Cameron has had hist first couple games already for Fall Ball. He is playing in a different league with boys that are a little older an bigger than he is but we think it will be good for him. The league we were had no structure and the kids weren't really learning anything. It killed Ryan to go to the practices and watch. Fall Ball is only about 8 weeks or so if that so it will go by fast. 

So I think this picture was from Easton's second day of school. We are on our way to pick Cameron up from school so around 2:20ish or so. Bentley falls asleep almost every single day on the way to get Cameron. But Easton I think was just exhausted from starting school. Poor kid. Not sure how long his poor little neck was like that before we stopped. And if you look closely at Bentley's harness there's a receiving blanket wrapped around it. Why you ask? Well that's because the little turd can unbuckle his harness an he will just be hanging out pulling on the headrest in front of him. So we have to tie him up. He works very hard at it sometimes to get it untied. We needed something that wasn't too hard or permanent just in case we need to get him out in a hurry. 

These are the new sweatshirts the boys got. The mornings have been a bit crisp, you could tell Fall was in the air but not today or yesterday. Anyway so the kids needed some lightweight sweatshirts. Well the first day they wore them they both had them on all day long. I go to pick up Cameron from school and it's 90 outside and he walks out of the classroom at 2:55pm with that dang sweatshirt on. His teacher said he had it on all day long and of course with the hood on at recess running and chasing his friends around. 

Bentley and I had some grocery shopping to do and it was so NICE to only have one kid. But really Bentley equals like 2 or 3 kids. He is such a pain in the ass to take anywhere these days. He was a butthead at the grocery store and then we had to stop at Costco and was still butthead. It should have taken me like an hour total at both stores and it ended taking like over 2 overs. Hoping our next trip out he's an angel:) 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I hope it's cooler where you are at:)

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