Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Once again another busy week and lots going on. This week was kinda nice because the kids were out of school for Veteran's Day. Cameron was off Monday thru Wednesday and Easton was off Monday and Tuesday.  It was nice having a couple extra days off from the regular morning routine of getting the kids ready and out the door for school. 

We made it to the Fish Hatchery and for the first time we were there when they opened the gates. That was kinda cool to see. Every time we are there the gate is closed and you see all these crazy Salmon trying to fight their way through and over the gate. We got to see them jumping up the ladder....pretty cool. The kids love checking out all the fish....well except Bentley...keep scrolling and you will see Bentley really didn't care for the fish.

This was after the fish and the play area. Happy Bentley:)

 Bentley was terrified of the fish. He wanted nothing to do with them. He didn't want to get near them. 

They were so amused with throwing rocks into the river.

Then on Wednesday Easton had to go to school and Cameron was off. So we take Easton to school and let's just say this was not a good day, it was all bad.  I had to drag him out of the car and carry him into the classroom. Then he darted out of the room and started walking running back to the car. 

He claims he was too tired to go to school. I stood there for 30 minutes trying to get him into the classroom. Nothing was working. So we left and went home. Thank goodness Cameron is at the age where he can kinda help out with Bentley. He was inside Easton's classroom with Bentley the entire time I was outside with Easton. Once we got home Easton was sent straight to his room. At first he did lay down and act like he was going to sleep then after a few minutes he says he's not tired anymore and he's only tired at school. He was to stay in his room all day but I think once he realized I wasn't going to budge on this he decided he was ready to go. I told him if he thought he was ready to get his shoes and socks on and we will go AND he didn't have stay in his room all day long. So an hour later I dropped him off and he was fine. 

This was Easton hanging onto the pole, not wanting to go into his classroom. He must have been in this spot for 10 minutes...UGH!!!!

Cameron had a field trip to The Crest Theatre to see Harry the Dirty Dog. Of course the day we are driving downtown in traffic is the day it decides to rain. We did get lucky and it was only that annoying misting rain but still made for a bad hair day. The play was only an hour long and then we were on our way back to the school. I was lucky enough to have the teacher drive with me so the 5 kids I had in my car were fairly good and were not too crazy.

Not  a very good picture but this is Cameron at the theater waiting for the play to start.

On Sunday I had card class. The second sunday of the month is my regular card class and then today I did a tags, bags, and gift card holder class for the holidays. AND then tomorrow I am doing another craft fair. So between the 2 classes and the craft fair I have been busy. And earlier this week I got the boys' birthday invites printed {'s that time of year again!} So I need to work on getting those in the mail at the beginning of next week. 
Oh and then right before class was getting ready to start a few houses dow from us the water company busted a gas pipe, so that was not good. They blocked off the road and had it repaired in a few hours. But still a little scary especially the smell of the gas and the hissing sound. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!! We are headed to Apple Hill Sunday:) Apple donuts and fritters....YUMMY!!!!

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