Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Well what can I say about this week?! Another busy week!!! Cameron had early dismissals everyday this week because they had parent/teacher conferences. That was kinda nice because we were home around noonish BUT crazy because then I had a short amount time to do all my running around.

Monday I got my hair done and went RED this time. I needed a change BUT hoping it's not too much of a change before we have family pictures taken. pictures are this weekend!! That should be interesting. And that's what I was busy doing today and yesterday, I was getting outfits together. I knew what I wanted I just hadn't had any time to go out shopping, so last minute me running around:)

Today Bentley was a bit challenging. He screamed and sobbed while we were shopping all because he had to try on a sweater and shoes. Then at another store he kept trying to run out the front door. He did this a couple weeks ago at this same store and I ended up walking out empty handed because he was impossible. And well he did the same thing today but after a few times he did manage to find a toy in the store to play with for about 5 whole minutes, it gave me just enough time to hurry and grab the sizes I needed.



We had Cameron's parent/teacher conference this week. All is good he just needs to spend more time practicing reading and blending his words together. Not sure if I already shared this or not but a couple weeks ago he picked up Where the Wild Things Are and read the entire story. His class did a little skit at school and each student had to memorize a couple sentences {they performed it at a Senior home for the old folks} so he was reading it a lot at school and I had no clue he knew how to read the entire story. I was very proud of him and just about almost cried. It was very cool to see him reading it all on his own. He just needs to keep practicing. We read every night but sometimes he screws around and then he ends up just making half the effort. 

A couple months ago Cameron had an eye exam at his school and we got a form in the mail stating he failed the color portion of it. Well we finally went in to see the eye doctor and he said Cameron is fine for now and to get another check-up in a couple years. We have never noticed a problem with his colors so we were kinda shocked when we got the paper in the mail. The doctor said sometimes kids just have a hard time with the different shades of colors so as of now he is not color blind:) 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!! Wish us luck on our family pictures....hoping the kids cooperate:)

And to my homegirl will get it next time sista!!! Love you!!!!

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  1. I'm such a nerd. I totally teared up when I read that. Thanks Jess, you are so sweet!


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