Monday, November 10, 2014

Make it Monday.

WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! We finally got a new computer! So exctited!!!!! I broke down and got a Mac. It is a lot different and will take some adjusting to get used to but so far we LOVE it. It's so nice to have a computer with all the keys in place {the last one was missing a couple letters due to Easton ripping them off when he about 2}, it's also so nice to get online and not have the internet take forever or freeze up. I am so so excited to get back to blogging and not have it take me all day to write a post due to the computer taking forever when uploading the pictures or editing them. Now if I could only find some time to really sit down and get to know this little thing. I am waiting for the day Bentley will leave me alone while sitting down at the computer. Everytime he wants up {the computer is currently stationed at the counter in the kitchen at the bar area, it's the only place we have for it in our house at this time} and he's always wanting to see what's going on. Especially if I am trying to upload pictures.

I will get an update post out this week to let you know what we have been up the past month or so. But today I am going to get back to my Make it Mondays!!!!!

Today I am going to share with you a little gift card holder. I made some of these for a craft fair I did a couple weekends ago. They are really easy and super cute. I have seen several of these ideas on pinterest and cannot remember exactly where I saw the idea. This was made using the envelope punch board. Start with a 5x5 piece of card stock and then punch and score at 2 inches. 

I am thinking I might make some mini coffee cups to match this little holder and maybe offer those at my craft fair coming up this weekend. I am also thinking we will make one of these at this Friday's class:)

Here are the items I used to make this adorable gift card holder:

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  1. Welcome to the Mac world! It does take some getting used to, but once you learn how to use it you will never go back. Can't wait to see you on Pie Day!!


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