Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Last week went by super fast. I lost track of the days because of Thanksgiving and Ryan's work schedule was different and the kids were out of school. Oh AND Ryan gave me his cold so I had to deal with that all last week and this week. Thankfully the head cold part is gone and now I just have a dry annoying cough. I don't sound as bad I did and for the first time in over a week my head isn't pounding. Thankfully the kids really didn't catch whatever we had, stuffy noses and little coughs. 

Oh and for the first time ever I think since we started I missed Pie Day at Vicky's {Cynthia's mom} house. Since I had a little cold and not sure the kids had caught it or not I decided to skip out on pie day. Every year the day before Thanksgiving Vicky hosts Pie Day where we all get together and bake our sweet treats for Thanksgiving. I did not want to spread my germs {one day I will share a story and you will know my main reason for my skipping out and not wanting to spread the wonderful sick germs}  and I am so glad I didn't go because as the next few days went on I was feeling worse:(

Our Elf, Louie, made his appearance a few days ago. Trying to get creative with this little guy. Cameron is getting older and remembers like every spot he was last year and everything he did. So far every morning Cameron wakes up he thinks his nose is RED. Louie likes to paint their noses RED:) And trying to come up with answers to Cameron's questions is getting a but tricky. I know he is getting close to the age where he doesn't "believe" anymore. He already told me a couple kids in class don't believe in Santa but he says he still does and that makes me HAPPY. 

 This was day one. Louie arrived with a welcome note. 

Easton really did not like the face Louie drew on his picture. All day he kept trying to erase it. 

Easton had a field trip to the library this week. It was fun and the kids loved it. The children's librarian read some stories and sung a couple of songs before they were able to go and check out all the books. Of course the only thing Easton wanted to do was play on the iPads. YES there are iPads in the Children's section at the library. 

Cameron's class performed the Wild Things skit at the local Barnes & Nobles. The kids did this in October at a local Senior home. It was pretty chaotic. 30 1st graders running around the book store. AND did you know they have toys at the book store?! WTF is up with that!!! I knew they had some toys because I have seen them the last few times I have went but I didn't realize how many they actually have. Seriously?! I cannot go to a single store that does not have any toys. UGH!

We found a book that is shaped like a bulldozer that has wheels on it, this got him away from the train table in the children's section. Cameron's class performed their skit once in the children's section then again a few minutes later in the front of the store. And of course Bentley did not want to leave to train table. I was very lucky to leave that store without buying anything. Bentley gave me the book nicely and I quickly put it down and we ran out of there......running all the way to the car because it was pouring rain outside. Bentley really liked this book so I am thinking Santa might bring it for him. 

I will be busy tomorrow attempting to make a Minecraft cake for the boys' birthday party on Sunday. Wish me luck and fingers crossed I don't jack it up:) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

***once again I am not proof reading...I know I am such a bad blogger, so please excuse any typos and hopefully it's not too bad of a read....eeeeeekkkk***

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