Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Well folks another week has passed! Where in the world does the time go and how in the heck can it go by so FAST?! Only a week left before the crazies are out of school for a couple weeks and only a couple weeks until Christmas. We have one birthday next week then another Christmas Eve....which means lots to do and get done. Plus we had 2 family birthdays this week and will celebrate both tomorrow night:)

The biggest happening of this week was probably the boys' birthday party. That went good and I am glad it's over so now I can focus on Christmas. It's always hard to get in the Christmas mood before their party. 

       My attempt at a Minecraft cake and my time making marshmallow fondant. More on the birthday in a different post...stay tuned.

We got our Christmas tree Sunday after the birthday party. We don't go to a fancy place to get least not yet. Good old Costco it is. For $30 you get an awesome looking tree. They seriously always have the best trees. So Sunday was a busy day with the party, then tree, then the opening of the all the presents, and then the decorating of the tree...UGH!

This week Easton was quite challenging. A couple days this week he thew major tantrums and did NOT want to go to school. But it wasn't until we got there that he all of a sudden was "too tired" to go. No clue what he deal is. He did this once before last month and I thought it was because Cameron was out of school that day and he still had to go. But this week I have no clue. And I have no clue what to do about it. Monday when it happened I tried to talk to him for like 10 minutes in the car but as it got later and later I just had to drag him in there and leave Cameron in the car with Bentley. Thank goodness Cameron knows better to be on his best behavior when I am dealing with Easton. So we get to the classroom and his teacher tells me to just leave. She called awhile later and said that he was fine and after 5 minutes the screaming and the tantrum was over. 

Tuesday he was fine no issues at all. Then Wednesday comes along and he was fine walking into class and as I am leaving and walking up the hallway he darts out of the classroom after me. And here we go again. But this time the teacher had a conference with another parent so she could not deal with him until after the conference. So here I am standing outside the classroom holding Easton up by his arms so he's not getting filthy dirty from rolling all over the dirty wet ground. Meanwhile it's like almost 8:30 and Cameron starts school at 8:30. Ryan shows up before his golf game and stays until Easton is finally calmed down in the classroom with his teacher. So Cameron was like 30 minutes late to school. 

Then on Thursday after lots of time in his room on Wednesday and a lots of talks he begins to almost start the same thing. I hug and kiss him {lots of times} and he starts to follow me out. We go tback inside and the teacher quickly shuts the door. He threw himself on the ground and that was it. His teacher said he was fine after that and went to speech with no problems. I am really hoping this "phase" gets over with soon. Monday is a new week so let's hope he does better but to be honest I am afraid of Monday morning to be here.
Oh and then Tuesday the teacher calls me right after I drop him off because he's in the bathroom trying to poop crying with a tummy ache. That's another issue. But he went to the Doctor and we think it's just a lack of fiber. He's always complaining of his tummy and always in the bathroom. He usually isn't crying over the tummy aches though, hoping he wasn't trying to pull a fast one over the teacher. He did eventually poop that day and the doctor could feel it, so I really don't think he was faking it:(

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!! Only 13 days left until Christmas!!! Wish me luck on Monday morning....fingers crossed:)

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