Saturday, December 20, 2014

This and That Shenanigans

Well we are officially on Christmas break now.  The boys are super excited to have a little time off from school but I think they are just really excited for Christmas.  I am kinda looking forward to a little down time. In downtime I mean not having to run the kids back and forth all over town to and from school. There will not be any downtime in this crazy house of ours.  Hopefully all the new crap they get for Christmas will keep them busy the rest of the break. They still have some birthday presents to play with as well.

Cameron's class went on a field trip this week to the same Senior home they went to in October. This time they came with homemade ornaments and sung Christmas songs. All the old people loved it. For some of those people it probably made their whole week. So sweet to see the old peoples faces light up with joy when they were talking to them.

On Wednesday was Cameron's birthday and we had this great idea to take him to get some birthday ice cream. Well that pretty much turned into a shit show. The kids were wild and bouncing all over. I pretty much had to inhale the rest of my ice cream so we could get the heck out of there. Last year on his birthday we went out to eat dinner and ice cream and I don't remember it being that bad at all. Taking Bentley anywhere there days is quite challenging. We will have to re-think this idea when next year's birthday comes around.

 Louie our Elf left Cameron a birthday hat and wrote "Happy Birthday Cameron" all over the house:)

 Birthday ice cream!!! And yes I made him wear the hat.

Easton had his Holiday party on Thursday at school and his class had Christmas activities and lunch. I had decided at the last minute to make up sets of cards for both of Easton's teachers and Cameron's teacher. It didn't take that long but of course because it was last minute I was rushing Wednesday and Thursday to finish. Then I also put together a gift basket for Cameron's teacher that was from the class. I am good under pressure and always get it done:)

Not a very good picture but the set of cards I made for the teachers, there were 10 total. I put some homemade cookies in mason jars for Cameron's teacher to put in the little gift crate. 

Here is the finished project for Cameron's teacher. Some cookies, pepsi and a few giftcards. 

Yesterday after school we went to see Santa and that went pretty darn good. The kids were super excited and the Santa was SO good. He took the time to visit with the boys and go over their list. It's so cute to see them light up when they see him. And Bentley really had no reaction at first but then was smiling towards the end and we got a great picture of the three of them.

Oh I almost forgot on Sunday we had a little fire in the backyard, not a real fire, a fire in the firepit. It's been a super long time since we have done this. I think the last time we did the kids weren't allowed outside with dad while it was going. The kids thought is was so cool and they can't wait to do it again. It was a little nerve racking especially with Bentley. He pretty much kept himself busy with claw thingy you pick up the wood with. We roasted marshmallows even though the kids won't even try them...weirdos!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Only 5 days left until Christmas....well really 4 days since today is just about over with!!!! 

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