Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well we all had a great first week back to school after the little break.  Back to running around but also back to normal....speech, doctors appointment, and parent meetings. Easton had a good week.  No tantrums when I dropped him...thank goodness!!!!

On Sunday we took the Jeep out for a test drive at Prairie City, an Off-Highway Vehicular Recreation Park. Lots of dirt tracks for motorbikes and quads. They have some 4x4 obstacle things set up as well. Nothing like what we see when we are out on the trail but enough for Ryan to test out the Jeep and get a feel for it. Since this Jeep is bigger than the old one it's a lot harder and so much different trying to maneuver it over the rocks.  The kids had a blast and Ryan had a great time finally getting the Jeep out on some rocks. 

Cameron had his first basketball practice and game this week. We were thinking about signing him up but then I found out his friend from school had already signed up so at the last minute we decided to sign him up and he was able to get on the same team as his friend. We thought he would enjoy it more and would be more willing to try it. And it turns out there are a couple other kids on the team that are 2nd graders at his school. 
They had their first game tonight after only one practice. And it went surprisingly well but still very entertaining.  Ryan was really impressed on how well all the kids did. Most of the kids have never played before but they all caught on pretty quick. Cameron was very into it and looked like he was really enjoying it. 

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