Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monster Jam.

Every January Monster Jam comes to town, the kids look forward to it and cannot wait! They see and hear the commercials and know it's coming. This year was Bentley's first year. Ryan and I thought he would freak out with excitement but he shocked us and was so unimpressed by all of it. He was having an "off day". He loves monster trucks, loves playing with them and loves watching them on TV. He was actually a little pain in the butt that day. He threw several things including his cup and it rolled down the stairs onto the track where the trucks were and during intermission one of the crew members waved the cup up to see if it belonged to least we got the cup back. 

Cameron and Easton of course loved every minute of it. I looked over at Cameron several times and he was yelling with excitement and was so pumped up. We had pit passes so we were able to go down to the track before the show and get pictures with the drivers and check out the trucks up close. The kids were totally into getting their flags signed and pictures with all of them. But because we had pit passes it seemed we were there forever and waiting. Bentley was getting restless and all he cared about was waving the damn flag around which was all fine an dandy until someone came and sat in front of us. I mean it's ok if he whacks us with the flag but not the poor lady sitting right in front of us. We got these flags a couple years ago so we only had 2 and of course the one year we need another flag they are not selling them. So Bentley fought with his brothers over the flags. Easton was very good about sharing his. Although Bentley was having an "off day" he still loved it:) 

The kids got some screen time while we were checking out the trucks during the Pit Pass time. 

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