Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Make it Monday.

When we {demos} got the the first peak at the new catalog last April I was super excited to see that we would be carry Project Life by Becky Higgins. I have heard a little about it and would see it at my local craft stores but I did not really look at explore it until Stampin' Up! started carry it. I was so excited because I was thinking this was my solution to getting caught up and I had visions of all the pages I could get completed. Well that would have been the case if I actually sat down and explored more with this style of memory keeping. 

The Little Moments Card Collection was the first card kit I purchased from the new catalog, I initially  only did a 2 page layout but recently I have been trying to do more here and there. A couple months ago I got about 200 prints printed from Shutterfly and discovered when I got them that lots were blurry. The preview of the print in Shutterfly is not very good at all and that's really frustrating. So there are several pictures I will not be using and now need some different ones. And it's amazing how much better our DSLR camera is than our little point and shoot camera. I got prints printed from both Easton and Bentley's labor and delivery and you can really see a difference in the pictures. 

A part of me started feeling a guilty as I was just slipping Easton's pictures into the slots, like I was taking the easy way out. Cameron's scrapbook {the first 10 months of his life} is so detailed and each page is a full blown scrapbook page BUT it's not fair that Easton does not have any baby pictures to look at in a nice book like Cameron does. I do plan to add some traditional type of pages here and there. Especially when I discover pictures that I really want in the book but didn't get prints, those are the ones I can go back and add a traditional page or two. 

I am hoping to add a Memory Keeping class sometime soon if I can get enough interest. I am still trying to grow my customer {which is much harder than someone might actually admit to}. I want to show that you can still do Memory Keeping and add your own personal touches by dressing up the cards from the card kits or even making your own cards with your favorite paper.

Here is the video from Stampin' Up! showing a preview of the Little Moments Card Collection. This is a great card kit. it's neutral so it can be for either a boy or girl. And would even be great to use for baby shower pictures especially if the sex of the baby is unknown. Once you have pictures printed it really is that easy to slip the cards into the slots. 

Here are a few pictures of what the cards look like in the card kit. It's really hard to get a decent picture of the actual pages. The glare from the page protector is very bad and I tried to get it at a good angle. Of course it looks way better in person.

 I tried taking a panoramic picture with my phone to get the 2 pages together...it kinda worked. 

 And of course I need to do some journaling on this page. I love the journal cards because it forces you to just write it down and not wait until later to print it out. I used to only print it out but LOVE the handwriting in the books. 

The bottom right family picture here is just placed in. I need to get a new copy made...this one is blurry:(

Here are some of the items I used:

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