Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Lot's of birthday party planning going on here this week. Well right now only planning. I haven't gotten much done and the party is in 2 days. I have a long list of errands to run today.

Of course Staples messed up my print order and I do not have time to deal with it now so now I have to print it at home {which if course I discovered our new printer takes a 5th cartridge and it ran out so just add that to my list} Trying to keep this simple but still lots to do in decoration and food preparation. Hoping to get most of the decorations up tonight and the food done tomorrow night. The boys have games tomorrow starting at 8am so we will be at the ballpark all day.
Thankful my mother is coming by after work tonight and tomorrow to help deal with the crazy kids. And Sunday morning she will help with Bentley {thank goodness because he's been the devil lately}.
It will all get done and turn out great just after a little stress and exhaustion.

Okay so the above was typed out this morning like early morning before the kids were up and before we left the house so like about 5am......

So Cameron left his backpack at home this morning. He's never done that before and is always really good about getting his lunch and snack packed in his backpack. Well this morning I think I know why he forgot it....he was too busy carry a stack of Nascar magazines to the car along with his "Grizzley the Great" bear and his blankie. So this totally  jacks up my whole schedule. I had a written plan of attack for today's errands. So now I had to get his backpack to him by 10am because that's when they have recess and its snack time. So we went to the grocery first dropped off the groceries and grabbed the backpack and raced back to the school {as I have mentioned before the school is like 20 minutes away from our house} and about 1 minute from pulling into the school parking lot Easton just out of nowhere BARFS! So I get him cleaned up with baby wipes and luckily we had some extra clothes in the car and it wasn't too much barf BUT enough to start stinking up the car. So we drop off Cameron's backpack and leave to go run errands {getting ready for the party}. And no clue why he threw up. He was fine the rest of the day and hasn't complained about not feeling well.

Running errands with Bentley is not fun or easy at all. In fact I probably look like a hot mess half the time while I am out with the crazy ass kid. He was "OKAY" for about half of what we did today. So then we head home drop off more groceries from our Costco trip and leave again to get Cameron from school. On the way Bentley unbuckles so I have to pull over and buckle him back up and well he didn't like that I tied the receiving blanket around his buckle again and rolled up his window because he was not he crying, coughing, gagging, and then BARFS! Yes he gagged/barfed whatever the hell you want to call it. So I have to pull over once again and clean up freaking barf. And once again the car starts to smell {after I just scrubbed up Easton's barf}. So that was my day:)

Tomorrow we have 2 games first game at 8am....OH JOY! We will have to leave earlier than a freaking school day. 

 Ring pop from baseball.

Easton being a goof ball and pulling his pants up. He did pull them back down just before he went to hit.

Totally burnt out and so over the school year and baseball season. And we have a small project to do that's due next week....can't we just be done already!!!

We had a pretty good thunderstorm here last night. Thunder and lightening and pouring rain for about an hour. The boys loved it and sat on the porch and watched the lightening Bentley was a little scared and it was so cute when he covered his ears and said "I don't like thunder".

Watching the lighting 

Why are boys so dirty? And why do their feet stink so BAD? I may need to start making Cameron put his dirty socks in the garage. 

One day this week Bentley fell asleep on the way to get Cameron and I only had the wagon....This happens often and it works perfect as a bed. 

Cameron came home with these funny mustaches and wanted hi picture taken. 

The Stampin' Up! catalog is available to demonstrators and I received mine last Friday. Super excited about some of the new stuff:)

Easton screwing around at bedtime.

 On Saturday we got to go out for a couple of drinks. We met up some "old" friends and it was great to see them. Our good friend just opened his own bar so we went to check it out. 

Well I think it's about time I get to bed. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. We will be celebrating Bentley's Third Birthday on Sunday {i love that his party is actually on his birthday}. 

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