Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Rewind.

This week was pretty quiet around as far as our schedule went...which was real nice for a change. 

On Sunday Cameron had a birthday party and I decided to take Easton with us. A few months ago Cameron had another party at the skating ring and really enjoyed it. At first he wanted nothing to do with it but by the end he was having so much FUN. So this time I decided to bring Easton along to see if he would enjoy it and maybe this could be something to do over summer break. Easton did rarely well and seemed to enjoy even though he couldn't really skate or go very far. But he tried and had Fun doing it. And of course Cameron had a blast with all his friends BUT he was getting pouting towards the end because he was tired of falling down....LOL.

Then on Monday both kiddos had baseball games and that was pretty much it for the week as far as activities and running around. Cameron's baseball coach gave the boys off from practice the rest of the week {we were doing the happy dance}. 

It seems all three boys are suffering from allergies....yes again.  All are coughing, congested, and sneezing. The last few days Bentley has gotten worse with the big fat green boogers and snot trail from his nose to his cheek. I am just hoping they don't end up with eat infections again. 

The last couple weeks Bentley has been a BIG FAT PAIN in the ASS! His little temper and attitude have gotten so bad BUT that little turd is so stinking cute. I probably have mentioned this already BUT he just wonders around looking for crap to get into and destroy {he destroys everything}! I might as well just follow him around and pick up after him but really who has time for that?! 

 Oh how nice of you to make a pretty purple pattern all over the damn window seal. It stained and now I have to paint it....awesome. Add it to my to-do list.

He loves his whip sticks from Dutch Brothers! And yes we still have to tie his carseat with a blanket. The little shit still unbuckles!

I had card class this morning instead of Sunday since it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I usually have card class the second Sunday of the month. 

Another small happening this week is Ryan and I celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary. Well I guess we really didn't celebrate too much. I took the night off from going to Cameron's monthly parent meeting {it was the last one of the year} that's about it and enjoyed my nightly wine. Nothing exciting happening when you 3 crazy kids. We are going out tomorrow night for little bit without the crazies so I guess we can call that a date. I guess anything really without the kids is considered a date in my book. Heck even a night of shopping {which we have done before} is a date! We have been together since we were 16 years old~ yes we are High School Sweethearts:) We were together for 10 years before we got year a big one I guess...10 years married and 20 years together....and we are treating ourselves to a nice grand vacation{without the crazies}!

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