Friday, December 10, 2010

The Combo Party

My poor children. Cameron's birthday is December 17 and Easton's is December 24, exactly a week apart right before Christmas. So we have decided that we will have their birthday party as early as we can in the month of December as far away from Christmas as possible. I guess we will always have a combo party until they get to the age where they have their own friends and want their own party. But for now it just makes sense because all the same people will be attending anyway. And plus it's easier on us:)

This year the theme was Disney's Cars. I get so excited thinking of their birthday party. I love all the cutesy little themes and will keep doing it until they are old enough to say, "NO MOM!".  I was real happy the way the invites turned out. And they really didn't take that long to make. I cannot work on any single thing for a long period of time because I always get interrupted so I worked on them here and there a little at a time. I used my Cricut machine to cut out Lightning McQueen on the front and then just tore a circle out of the checkered flag paper so make it look like he was busting through. I got this idea from my scrapbook pal Cindy, who made invites for her Grandson's birthday but instead it was Buzz busting through paper, they were super cute.


Cynthia's BF, Joe, made the picture that is on top on the inside. I also got a 16x20 poster board print of the picture and had it set up on the cake table as a decoration. All the info is printed on vellum with a lightning bolt behind it. I got some personalized Cars stamps from, that have Lightning and Mater on them and say Happy Birthday Cameron and Easton, then I made return address labels with a little picture of Mack to tie it all together.

My husband always says that I go overboard but I keep telling him that I held back a lot and had lots of other ideas. I made some birthday banners using the Cricut again. I also made a little ribbon thing with pictures of the boys through out the year. And of course we had lots of food. We are always so worried we will run out but that has yet to happen.


We got two cakes, one for Cameron and one for Easton and we sang "Happy Birthday" twice. They have separate birthdays, they are not twins and were not born on the same day. I think I will lose this battle soon. Ryan thinks that is a little overboard. We did have a lot of cake left over but I like big cakes, they look cute.

The main attraction was the BOUNCE HOUSE. And YAY it didn't rain. Well the rain held off until the party was almost over. I have never been so obsessed with the weather before. We were checking it like a millions times a day the entire week before the party. It went from sunny to a chance of showers back to sunny then to rain. I swear I would have cried if we couldn't have the bounce house. Cameron really enjoyed it.

WE only had a hand full of kids at the party so it was even more fun for all of them. I just wish the rain would have held off a little longer because I wanted to jump. We did go in after everyone left but it was kinda wet inside and Cameron didn't want to jump and Easton wasn't digging it either. Overall it was a great party and everyone was so generous to the boys. We have such great family and friends. Now we just have to find room for toys they got. Some will remain in the box for awhile.....I hope.

After the boys opened presents, with some help from little Miss Emily, we did cake. Cameron for some reason the last couple years gets really shy when we sing "Happy Birthday", this time around he covered his ears and started whining. I don't know what it is with him. And he wants nothing to do with cake and ice cream. Although all week now he has been singing the "Happy Birthday" song and saying his cake is all gone now. He won't eat it or even try a bite. Last year he just played with his piece of cake. Now Easton on the other hand was all smiles and giggles and loved his cake. He went to town and loved it.

My new shirt from Green Sheep Apparel:) love it!


There is one person I have to thank and that would be Cynthia. She always comes early and helps me set up and decorate, without her I would be a complete disaster. I just hope when she finally has a baby I can do as much for her as she has done for me. And she came home just for the party, nothing else, just for the party.
Thank you so much Cynthia, you really have no idea how much we appreciate all your help and you coming home for the party...we love you.

Now until next year.The one good thing about having a combo party is we only have to do once. I am already thinking of some ideas and party themes:)


  1. Jessica, your blog is so cool and I love your stories and pictures! Looks like the kids had a blast. I love the picture of the boys holding the balloon too. p.s. I haven't seen you in a while and your haircut is adorable. :)

  2. Thanks Rosalie:) The boys did have fun. And I have had my hair cut like this since about the Spring. I am letting it grow out some, so maybe it looks a little different....thank you.

  3. Jessica, it looks like everything turned out so CUTE! great job on all the decorations...and I dont think you went overboard at all... ;)


  4. I love reading your blog! The party was great, everything was perfect. And you are so welcome for all of the help. I love that I can still be involved in your life even thought I live so far away.


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