Friday, March 11, 2011

My New GHD Straightner

About a year ago I purchased a hair straightener from Ebay. We have purchased a few things off Ebay and never had any problems before. Well after a couple months I started to question the performance of this name brand straightener. Finally about a month ago I called the manufacturer and they confirmed it was indeed a fake. Just what I thought. So I contacted Ebay and since it had been so long I could longer file a case against the seller through Ebay so they referred me to some government website for Internet Crimes, so I filed a claim. I even sent the seller an email but of course haven't heard anything back from him. I am not expecting anything to come out of the claim but at least I tried.

So last week I got a real GHD hair straightener from a salon, so I know it's not a phony.

It comes with a little bag to store it in. There is this heat resistant pad that is wrapped around and then roles out to put the straightener on when in use.......pretty neato.

Ryan told me I better not need a new one for like 10 years, he said it has to last until 2021. I have only used it a couple times, haven't had time to do anything with my hair all week because of the sick kids, but it worked GREAT! This is one of those things that I had to splurge on and get the name brand, it's totally worth it.
Now if I could just find out what's going on my stupid hair. It's been very rough feeling lately. My hair usually is always silky smooth but as of late it's been funky...driving my crazy!

On a side note Easton is feeling a little better and isn't as needy or fussy but now Cameron has the cough, the fever, and the dreaded runny nose. At least he can wipe his own nose, still won't blow it yet and today he has just been laying on the recliner watching TV.  He's been carrying his snot rag around with him for the past couple days, it's pretty funny. Easton's' nose isn't running as bad, thank goodness. You make any movement towards his face and he turns his head away from you, they really do hate their noses being messed with. And we had to miss another baseball game today, Daddy is flying solo at the field today.

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